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Great Britain’s Greatest Beast

Churchill with mohicanHeathcote Williams


rememberElena Caldera

Lead On

zzzzsDavid Hart
Pic Mike Lesser

New Greek President Says ‘Γαμώ The Banks!’

GreekEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Life Out of Balance – A Portrait of Godfrey Reggio

godfrey reggio xJan Herman


All Young Lovers Look Up at the Stars

Video: Mary Wild
Poem: Heathcote Williams

A devil needs an artist. Two.

the devil2Nick Victor

The Return of the Man Who Has Everything

ReturnOfManxNew Book
Rupert M Loydell

Sale or Return and Tsunami of Love

ed woods s Eddie Woods

Thinking: A Criminal Act?

DavidDees-RFIDChipsxJulian Rose
Pic David Dees

The Atomised Deity: A God of Light as a God of Dark

atomisedMalcolm Ritchie
Pic Mike Lesser


ANGOLADavid Briggs
Pic Claire Palmer

Indication in a dreamscape

Indication in a dreamscapeBogdan Puslenghea
Picture Nick Victor

Speakfeel Part II

speakfeelxDavid Russell
Pic Claire Palmer


frugallityDave Tomlin

Wooden House

44sRobert Montgomery


sleepxMary Wild

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To

end of week 01

Make Love Not War

love 12Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

Manifesto Against Rapacity

manifestoJohn Kinsella

The Blot

thronexxHelen Moore
Pic: Claire Palmer

Sun Bans Tits From Page Three But Lets Them Keep Running Paper

Oh no you don't2Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst


keithsRupert M Loydell
Pic Mike Lesser

A Word In Your Shell Please!

top shellxHeidi Stephenson
Pic: Claire Palmer


davd angelDavid Erdos
Pic: Mike Lesser

Sedation by Soundbite

DEES - Dumbed DownJulian Rose
Pic: David Dees

Nyah! Nyah!

zdavesDave Tomlin
Pic Mike Lesser

Mr. Charlie

mr charlie smallMaung Chaw Nwe
Picture Nick Victor

Burroughs 101

BURROUGHS_101.jpegEvent, Feb 6, New York
Gerard Bellaart

It feels to win

43sRobert Montgomery


gaze smallBogdan Puslenghea
Picture Nick Victor

Late For His Own Murder

willem 4Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

The Guv’s Common Sense Message to the UK

guvcPub Landlord

Love? What is it?

lovexVideo Montage:
Mary Wild

MH370 Murder?

plane sSue Hall
Pic Mike Lesser

First Lie

42 sRobert Montgomery

Rubbish Smells

new8sMiriam Elia


Malcolm Ritchie2sMalcolm Ritchie
Picture nick victor


spy sDave Tomlin
Pic Mike Lesser

You Will Be Artists

zjon sJon Rappoport
Pic Mike Lesser

Universal City

Song: Martin Wilkinson
Montage Claire Palmer

Racist Frog

char sMike Lesser

Back Over Lambourn

motorbikeJohn Harris
Pic: Claire Palmer

Irish Peasantry Forced To Pay New Tax For Walking On The Cracks In The Pavement

cracks_in_PavementxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

A devil needs an artist

the devilsNick Victor

The Only Reality

L'unicaElena Caldera

The Art of Chance Exhibition

art-of-chance_flyerNick Cash
Hardy Tree Gallery, NW1
Jan 15 – Feb 1

Buckingham Palace

ANDREW2XHeathcote Williams

Conscience Money

conscienceMusic: Tymon Dogg
Video: Claire Palmer

New Book – Badshah Khan

badshahxHeathcote Williams
Thin Man Press

RIP all killed at Charlie Hebdo

charlieRoddy McDevitt

Demonise or Die

demonisePatrick Jones
Pic: Claire Palmer

Andy Does a Mandy!

mandy 2Roddy McDevitt

Prince Andrew Sentenced To Community Service As Girls’ School Lollipop Man

andrew2xxx Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

The Curse of the Blinding Worm: a close look at ‘Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook and Me’

mmxBook Review by
Heathcote Williams

A New Year Round Robin from Myanmar

koko2Ko Ko Thett

Small Lines on the Great Earth

small linesHaikus: Malcolm Ritchie
Film by Ed O’Donnelly

Other Men’s Blood

their warAshley Burns
Pic Mike Lesser


moreBogdan Puslenghea
picture Nick Victor


narcissistElena Caldera

Bingeing on the Biosphere

meatxHeathcote Williams

The Narcissist

the narcissistElena Caldera
English Translation:
Heathcote Williams

I Hate Mondays


Shake Spear

shall i smallMike Lesser

Some Words of Wisdom from our Leaders

“End to Persecution”
“Christian Values”
(with translations)

Palace Aid Admits: Queen’s Speech Abdication Rumour ‘Load Of Bollocks To Boost Ratings’

queenxxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Dirty Feckin Hippies Were Right

The Impossible Emporium

emporiumHeathcote Williams
Narration and Video:
Alan Cox


A Secret Love Poem

Heathcote Williams
Narration and Montage by
Mary Wild

Some Background

michaesMichael Ceraolo
Pic Mike Lesser

After Santa Claims Xmas Cutbacks Make Rounds Impossible MOD Step In With Drone Delivery Plan

santa_drone (2)Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Acid House Street

acidstreetBen Graville

Happy New Fear

happy_new_fear!!! (1)Elena Caldera

Our Gang

OUR GANG - #125 - THUMBNAILRobert Tasher

from ‘Children of Albion’

Neil Oram

‘Closing the Gate on GMO and the Criminal Transatlantic Trade Agreement’

ddxJulian Rose
Pic: David Dees


christmas2Francis de Aguilar
Pic:  Nick Victor

Why Christmas is Bullshit


Septimus Severus

obamaHeathcote Williams
Pic: David Dees

HIVE – a Beat Poetic account of Busking in Paris in the ’90s

roddyxRoddy McDevitt


zzzzaThe once and
future Crew

Christmas Privatisation ‘Already Happened’

christmas_cutsxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Frederick Douglass on America

frederick douglass

Incidental Intelligence – A Portrait of William Burroughs

burroughs2xJan Herman

The Virtue of Selfishness

statue-of-liberty-ruinsxMichael Ceraolo

Ken Babbs of The Merry Pranksters

groovy baby~~
Live in London

Grant’s Last

zzzzzGrant Warrell

The Transformation of Love

pegasusElena Caldera
Trans: Heathcote Williams

Merry Christmas

kfcxMichael Bennett

Dancing silence

Dancing silenceBogdan Puslenghea
Picture Nick Victor


Our Gang

OUR GANG - # 124 - THUMBNAAILRobert Tasher

A Way of Life to Paint

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Neil Oram
Pic Claire Palmer

Poetry Spiv

dt poemsDave Tomlin
Pic:Nick Victor

This way

15sRobert Montgomery

Ecocidal Mania

eco 1Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

New York City

black livesBy Jack Foley
Read by Jack & Adelle Foley

Reservation Dogs

rdDavid Dees

MP Nigel Mills Requests X Box When Attending Common’s Inquiry Sessions

EthanxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Doc Humes

doc humesxRichard Squires

Duke of Cambridge on Poaching Wildlife

shootingxThat Speech in Full

The Ultimate Revolution

rev1Mary Wild
Pic: Claire Palmer

Our Gang

OUR GANG - # 123 - THUMBNAILRobert Tasher

What can we tell you about IT?

Mission Statement

Courtesan scum

14sRobert Montgomery

Green Left Comedy

green leftShayne Hunter

An Endless War

dt middle smallDave Tomlin
picture Nick Victor


shitxElena Caldera

Paradise lost

dc frog smallDave Cooper

To Laugh Makes You Feel You Can Live Forever

to_laugh2Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

An Unholy Sacrifice

gandhiClaire Palmer


wanderersFilm:  Erik Wernquist
Voice: Carl Sagan

Money Power Glory

moneypowergloryMoving Collage
by Mary Wild

Our Gang

OUR GANG - # 122 - THUMBNAILRobert Tasher


icodaPeter McAdam

Bad Girls

badgirlsVideo: Mary Wild
Music: Lee Moses

The Fear of Fear : How To Beat It

FEARJulian Rose
Image: Claire Palmer

The Cat Remembers Still

pruecooperPrue Cooper
Pic: Elena Caldera

High Drama/Cloudscape

SONY DSCDave Tomlin
Pic:Nick Victor

The death of a poet

Francis de Aguilar cat smallFrancis de Aguilar
pic: nick victor