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The Dying Bee

Bees 3Heathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera

A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop

neil young 2Neil Young +
Promise of the Real

Athens Diary

Greece 1Heathcote Ruthven
Pic: Claire Palmer

Kanye West Sues Satan After Getting Nothing For Selling Soul

West2xEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Changing the Picture

geoff francis2Art Installation:
Geoff Francis
Music: Captain Sensible


look no further 2Painting: Julie Goldsmith
Group Exhibition
Curator: Susan Supercharged

Last Words

ericgarner Sandra Sidman Larson


Pic: Jacques Marchal

Days and Nights in the Deep Freeze

80sNorman Jope
Pic: Claire Palmer

Surgery with Dr Poetica

a1 magMark Goodwin
Pic Nick Victor.

elevated A

elevated A small

Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

Gay Vampire TV Chef

vampireNew Book by
Ethan Harrison


new 2 smallAntony Owen
Illustration Nick Victor

Dynoline 4

dynolineIT CREW

Where Have All The Lions Gone?

LIONWords Rev Lynne Chitty 
Music by Kerst

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To

end of week 01

H.R.H. Lord Buckley: The Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat And Hipster of the Heart

buckleyxHeathcote Williams

HMQ Addresses the National Assembly

welsh-flagPeter Finch

Something Suspicious

beatlesxPete The Temp

Ed Miliband Only On Dole For A Week 

ED 2Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Miggle Engerlund Fantasies

englandLuke Temple Walsh
Pic: Claire Palmer

Jane Is Quiet

new9 smallMiriam Elia

When Is A Million Not Enough?

Jack BroadbentJack Broadbent
Video: Camilla Kitten

This Is Not The Ten O’Clock News

William_Blake's_Cain_and_AbelNeil Oram

Ugly Is

ugly isMalcolm McNeill

A Dream Called Freedom

a dream called freedomElena Caldera
Trans: Heathcote Williams


Andy Darlington

Dee Sunshine

889-a. Love Overcomes All - Dee SunshineArtworks

Higher Education 

it smallerAndy Brown
illustration Nick Victor

A smile folded

54 a smile foldedRobert Montgomery

All Wrong

AllWrong.kent (1)Aaron Kent

Cartoon Visions

11another gor it2Tim Cumming
illustration Nick Victor

A Dog’s Life

a dogs lifeDave Tomlin

Five things we learnt from the General Election

emperor xCharlie Baylis

The NHS in Cameron’s Hands


Unpopular Tory Election Victory Sparks Downing Street Riots

riotxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

The World to Come – from Vision to Reality

angel morning2Julian Rose

Normal Person and Me

normalxElena Caldera


creasesNeil Oram
Pic Claire Palmer

Artists For Palestine UK

Freedom Theatre UK tour
May 13 – June 20

Merlin Atmos – Van der Graaf Generator

Merlin AtmosMusic Review
Rupert Loydell


flower struggles to surviveRupert Loydell
Pic Claire Palmer

Mobservation #3 

education small 3Michael Ceraolo
Picture Nick Victor

Looking Back

53 smallRobert Montgomery

Some things we only use once.

Francis de Aguilar

YES: PROGENY – Seven Shows from Seventy-Two

yesxMusic Review
Rupert Loydell


umbrellaDavid Grubb
Picture Nick Victor

Tory Dog-Whistle Politics Sonnet

heelMike Ferguson

‘Of Dylan and his Deaths’ by Heathcote Williams

dylan t


Never Mind the Ballots


Election Night Special 2

poetryRoy Hutchins & Others
in ‘Poetry Army’

By Heathcote Williams
May 7th

Party Leaders Release Final Insults in Last Round of Blatant Engineering

dwarfsxxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Why I Vote Green

vote greenGreen Planet,
Green Future

Why I Vote Labour

miliband 2Boris T. Ćorović

Beyond The Colours of Infinity

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
William Rood
Music: David Gilmour

Albion Beatnik Bookstore

albion-b1The Red Dagger
by Heathcote Williams
May 6th Oxford

Looking out before the Next Election

polo2Sandra Sidman Larson
pic: Nick Victor

Snowden, Assange and Manning statues unveiled in Berlin


Record Store Day: Bosco Rogers @ Vinyl Frontier, Eastbourne

boscoRxKeith Rodway

Welcome to the Future

Now Or Never (1994)Hawkwind Review
Lost Johnny Brainstorm

Pic: ACE

The Essence of Beauty

beautyElena Caldera
Transl: Heathcote Williams

Exorcism in the Rainforest

amazonxMalcolm Ritchie
Pic Claire Palmer


IMG_219 paintedBogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

Memoirs of An Underground Filmmaker

malcolm hart2xMalcolm Hart

Up in the Soundcloud, April 2015

sound cloudRupert Loydell
picture Nick Victor


S A D.Kent (1)Aaron Kent

Collagistes Collected

Ruben 2Ruben Rodriguez

EXPO 2015

EXPOXElena Caldera

Transcendent Courage: A Review of Badshah Khan – Islamic Peace Warrior by Heathcote Williams

cover1xReview: David Erdos
Thin Man Press

Oily B

oily b 2Colin Gibson

I am Sick of this Tory Story

torybxHeidi Stephenson
Pic: Claire Palmer

My Job

my jobElena Caldera
Transl: Heathcote Williams

‘The Democratic Experiment is Finished’

Julian Rose

99% of UK Voters Desire Hung Parliament Clamouring ‘String The Bastards Up!’

politicxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

they buried them not knowing they were seeds

seedsOphelia Ciocirlan
pic Mike Lesser

Guru of the Northern Line (London: The Post-Iraq Settlement)

guruAndy Darlington
Pic: Nick Victor

Cancer and The Silver Marc Jacobs Boots

marc jacob 2Suzie Zabrowska

Some thoughts on the General Election 2015

graffiti 4Charlie Bayliss

Sam Lee and Friends

sam leexReview: Mike Ferguson
The Phoenix, Exeter, 28 April

Buried Alive: Resistance Against Oppression

buriedxVideo Montage
Mary Wild


naked girlNorman Jope
Pic:  Nick Victor

Record Store Day 2015 

EnoMy Squelchy Life
by Brian Eno

Review: Rupert Loydell


wordsDave Tomlin

Faster, Monsanto! Die! Die! Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir

revxWiltons Music Hall London
Saturday 2nd May 2015

God Dog

CHARLEY 1Nick Victor

Time’s Lovers

love 1Luke Temple Walsh
Pics Claire Palmer


hennaAntony Owen

What is false consciousness?

thinkerFreddie W. P. Schmidt
Pic Claire Palmer


graffiti 5

David Cameron Strangles Kittens

for the victims in the Mediterranean Sea.bmp
Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

I Will…

graffiti banksyxBanksy

The Little Ballot Box

Mark Goodwin
Pic Mike Lesser

Cameron Warns Voters Pacifist Sturgeon Will Leave UK Defenseless

Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

The Last Dodo 2

dodoVideo: Alan Cox
Poem: Heathcote Williams

His Second Childhood

hampsteadxRoddy McDevitt
Pic: Claire Palmer

Sharing a House with Syd Barrett, & the Visitors

nlgNigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Cambridge 105fm

Black Bloc is Nobody – Official Trailer

blac blockRomulo Cyríaco




Perfect.Kent (2)Aaron Kent

Maverick Voices

Barbaric Vast & Wild coverReview by
Rupert Loydell


graffiti 3Rupert Loydell


bp finalBogdan Puslenghea
Pic: Nick Victor

The Mysterious Michael A

michael AA Short Film by
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon


aaaMichael Ceraolo
Pic Mike Lesser

Warwick Avenue

man in warwick avenue painted moreNick Victor


graffiti 8

Happy Earth Day

you are here 7

The Ocean Cleanup Launches Mega Expedition


Boris, the inspiration for satire

alan c 2Alan Cox
Above The Arts Theatre WC2
May 4-23rd

New Postcards

ctxCold Turkey Press


SELF PUBLISHED    David Erdosh
Picture Nick Victor

Vote For Nobody


Easter 2015 and the Son of God Particle 2

easterxVideo: Alan Cox
Poem Heathcote Williams
Jesus Art: Elena Caldera

I, An Amarildo

romuloShort Documentary by
Romulo Cyríaco

Clinton V’s Bush: Damned If You Do Do

Oh+dearEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Smashing Atoms – for God

god particle 2Julian Rose
Pic Claire Palmer

In The Middle of His Journey – A Portrait of Norman Mailer

mailerInterview by
Jan Herman


farageAntony Owen

Review: Peter Perrett and Nina Antonia

Peter+and+NinaReview: Keith Rodway


time.bmpElena Caldera
trans: Heathcote Williams