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Iphgenia Baal @ Literary Kitchen

IB small15th October 2015

Pound of Grain 2

made of lightNew Album Launch
Made of Light
Tymon Dogg

The Price of Meat

diet-and-cancerxHeidi Stephenson

The “Islamic System” in Iran

goldshiftehExplained by
Golshifteh Farahani

‪Assyrian‬ woman demands international passports for her people

Assyrian woman2

After William Blake’s The Lamb

lamb 3Heidi Stephenson
Art: Julie Goldsmith

Wool Farmers Caught Abusing Sheep AGAIN




tymon 3Made of Light
Review by David Erdos

Australian Comic on why guns are not protection

jjJim Jefferies

TV Smith at Trash’d 2015

tv smithTrash’d New Wave Festival
Review & Video:
Keith Rodway
Photo: Mark Richards

Ball and Chain

ball and chainMarc Carroll

We Who Wait

tvsmithTV Smith & The Adverts

‘Libres': Songs of the Spanish Revolution

pilarPilar Lopez

The College of the Future

college2Free For All

The idea is

treemandalaKieron Nightingale

David Cameron is a Liar

markArtist Taxi

As Above So Below

As above so belowElena Caldera


woof2Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

Bestiary of Blighty

99Paul Sutton

68 Claremont

68 Claremont2Paul Hawkins
Illustration Nick victor

The Bird That Never Flew

The Bird That Never FlewDee Sunshine
Illustration Nick Victor


floatingElena Caldera

Expensive Being Poor

tvsmith 2


james baldwinJames Baldwin

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To


Once Upon A Time

Dive in freedomHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

“It’s a flawed concept”

dismal 2Banksy Interview

Investigators Defend Using Term ‘Paeodocracy’ To Describe UK Government Upper Echelon

westminsterEthan Harrison

One Hundred Years and Counting… ……Thoughts at the Last Post.

Flanders 3Jan Woolf
Left Book Club/Stop the War
Picture Claire Palmer

Take Back Manchester

toryArtist Taxi Driver

The Boom

58sRobert Montgomery

The Evil Empire of Saudi Arabia Is The West’s Real Enemy


Gross National Happiness in Bhutan

tsheringAddress/2015 UN SDG Summit
Tshering Tobgay

Let’s Bleed The Poor

peter dombi graphic

Video Games

Video Games copyMark Kirkbride
illustration Nick Victor


Illustration Nick Victor

Gil Scott-Heron Explains the Meaning Behind ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’


This Changing City

Drone city 4Roddy McDevitt
Picture: Claire Palmer

A Rant and a Half

patrickPatrick Kealey
from ‘Bexhill In Love’

9/11 Press For Truth. Victims fight for a 9/11 Commission

press 2


controlElena Caldera

Jeremy Corbyn – Fortitude Principle Peace – standing against the War Machine

mark2& Green Party Conference
Artist Taxi Driver

We Are Better Than This

adbustersMost Powerful Attack
Advert Ever

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm SyndromeGreta Bellamancina
illustration Nick Victor

The Last Cantos

The Last Cantos x Director: Greta Bellamancini
starring: Mary de Rachewiltz
October 8th


smaller wolf (1)October 3rd
Julie Goldsmith

Modern Drugs

modern drugs (1)Elena Caldera

Damned Love

deaf & dim 1#Paul Blackburn
Art: Mitch Davies

Fruit We Have Known

Annabel Banks

First Friday Artist Reception

zuexOakland, San Francisco
October 2nd

The Prime Minister and the Pig’s Head: The Necrophiliac Extremism of a Bestial Fellator

camxxHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera


Next Door

next doorby Earl Diddley

Cameron Claims ‘I Didn’t Go The Whole Hog’

cameron pig 3Ethan Harrison

Benjamin Zephaniah Interview

BZXJoshua Cooper

EATING PLACENTA: lines on the royal birth [revisited]

weddingxAnna Chen
Illustration: David Dees

God Save (Us From) The Queen And from Fetishized DNA

QxXHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

The Keiser Report Episode 813

maxresdefault (1)Max Keiser
& Stacy Herbert

with guest Mark McGowan
aka Artist Taxi Driver

Assange on ‘US Empire’, Assad Govt Overthrow & New Book ‘The WikiLeaks Files’

assange US3

Annual Poetry Olympics Superjam

POE2015Michael Horovitz
John Hegley,Niall McDevitt
Molly Parkin & More

Kissinger’s Shadow


The War on Human DNA. True Humanity – or Transhuman Singularity and Gene Genocide?

dumbxxJulian Rose
Pic: David Dees

Credit Crunch Suicide

DEOAnna Chen
Pic: Claire Palmer

We Live In Bullingdon Britain

artist taxiSweets Way Resists!
Artist Taxi Driver

Earthly Delights and Spectral Mornings: Steve Hackett

Steve-Hackett-Spectral-Mornings-2Review: David Erdos

The Blood House

The Blood HouseSarer Scotthorne
illustration Nick Victor

Guido Porks: Cameron’s Pig Papped in Downing Street

porks x

John Ashbery Visits Lidl 

John Ashbery Visits Lidl sPeter Finch
Illustration Nick Victor

The Perfect Creator

the perfect creatorElena Caldera

Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution


Contemporary Politicians


Corridor 2: ‘A Savoyard’s First Brush with Censorship’

corridor xA Film by Clara Casian
Michael Butterworth,
Paul Smith & 
Kamran Ali


she could never resistAaron Kent


More Guerrilla Firm

dollar1Paul Hawkins &
Mali Clements

Taking From The Poor To Pay The Rich

cameron stealing

An Early Bath for the Monarchy

monarchyHeathcote Williams

Mike Lesser at the Paris Barricades

Mike Lesser portrait 4Drawing: Elena Caldera

Fury As Corbyn Refuses To Sing At Royal Karaoke

Corbyn sings notEthan Harrison


8 Reasons Why the NWO Hates Syria

Syrian_Girl__Why_Al_Qaeda_is_Al_CIAda__150011& What the Media is Hiding
Syrian Girl

Arrest Angelina Jolie for War Crimes
Alex Jones

Stop The War National Conference

queen_fires_gun_460Poem: Heathcote Williams
University of
London Union

September 19th


Voice from America: Should we Yanks be afraid of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn?

bernie3David Swanson

Shadow Chancellor: Arrest Blair!

arrest blair x

European Refugee Crisis – Anatomy of a Coverup


The [Inter]National Anthem

corbyn 4

We Are All Lepers

on the lig (3)Josie Demuth’s
Liggers & Dreamers

Review by David Erdos

Sinai Journal

sinai finalWords & Photos
Angela Godfrey-Goldstein

Illustration: Claire Palmer

Khao San Road

Khao San Road smallCharlie Baylis
Illustration Nick Victor

Piggy In The Middle

PIGGY1xMalcolm McNeill

War and Peace

war and peaceHeathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera

Three Acts of Love

three acts 4David Erdos
Pic: Claire Palmer

Belishas In A Box

Belishas in a boxMitch Davies


ronnie3Review: Keith Rodway


flatterBogdan Pushlenghea
illustration Nick Victor


tvAnthony Owen

Utopia 3

utopia smallNick Victor

The Bell That Never Rang

The Bell That Never Rang.Dee Sunshine
illustration Nick Victor

No Borders – Revisited

Heathcote Williams
Video: Alan Cox

A Stronger Stiffly Worded Letter

monarchSalena Godden
Music: Kate Bush
Philip Glass

Entire Syrian Population Immigrates To Norwich As UK Steps Up Airstrikes

barrat House bombed house 3Ethan Harrison


Congratulations Ma’am

queen madame tussaudsChris Larner

Queen Officially Becomes Laziest Woman In England

nasty queen 3Ethan Harrison

Exclusive: I Can Reveal the Legal Advice on Drone Strikes, and How the Establishment Work

reaper3Craig Murray

Julian Assange speaks about satire and political cartooning

latuffwith Carlos Latuff

Interview with John Holloway

Hollowayby Heathcote Ruthven

Syria’s Organic Food Market Ripe For Export To Europe

organic-food-syria-plates-home-cooking xOrganic Food
Not Bombs & War

Michael X – Executed by hanging forty years ago

michaelxxInterview with Bill Levy
by Joshua Cooper

Postcard from Damascus 2

The Lion and the Lamb

MGMHeathcote Williams

U.S. Drops fleas with bubonic plague on North Korea

bubonicxDavid Swanson

The Watery Grave

the watery graveElena Caldera

“HOME” by Somali poet Warsan Shire

somalia road 2Warsan Shire
Picture Claire Palmer

Our Fatally Fractured Food Chain

KrissJulian Rose

Obama Should Bomb Monsanto


Frederick Forsyth – Exit from Fleet Street

Frederick-Forsyth-pic 2Interview by
Jan Herman

How William Blake Got Rid of Stalker Hacks, Soul Stealers & 19thCentury Paparazzi

blake 2Heathcote Williams
Video: Alan Cox
Pic: Elena Caldera

A Royal Ditty

weddingChris Larner

As a Palestinian…

YousefYousef Manayyer


natureNature RX Part One

The Last Sea

the last seaElena Caldera

No Fixed Abode 

No Fixed Abode small  Sarer Scotthorne
Picture Nick Victor