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Ashraf Fayadh, the Palestinian Poet

palestinian poet 1Heathcote Williams

The Billion People March

Billion People

Osbourne axes kids cowboys & indians games favouring supermarket ‘role play’

Child supermarketEthan Harrison

Not In Our Name

Impeach Tony Blair CD


big soc 1Andrew Darlington

Interview with Jan Herman

Herman-JanAaron Shulman
Los Angeles Review of Books

Redux: Dear Cannibals, Have a Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgivingJan Herman
Heathcote Williams
William Burroughs


neil oramReview Niall McDevitt
Photo: Julie Goldsmith

Objectivity, Subjectivity and the Nature of Matter

acorn xJulian Rose
Pic: Claire Palmer

Osborne the Builder

osborne x

Buy Nothing Day


In the garden of Even

In the garden of EvenBogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

“To Those of Earth… and Other Worlds”

sun raGilles Peterson presents
Sun Ra and his Arkestra
Rupert Loydell


earshotTim Cumming
illustration Nick Victor

The pain of mother earth

the pain of Mother EarthElena Caldera

Rogue Metal

Rogue MetalA.C. Evans
illustration Nick Victor

Places and Spaces

imaginary citiesImaginary Cities
There’s This Place I Know
Reviews: Rupert Loydell

The Walking Dead

misfits2Poem: Dale Vaughn
Mary Wild


melancholyWith thanks to
Martin Maw

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To


The US and ISIS: Karma’s Chameleons

haikusHeathcote Williams
Art: Elena Caldera

On listening to the Requiem Mass in D Minor post the Paris Massacre

paris mozart xHelen Moore
Art: Claire Palmer

Truth in media: Origin of Isis

Ben Swann

History of Oil

rob newmanRob Newman

November, Paris Blue

paris blueSalena Godden

France – ISIS – Syria – ISIS – France


Obama slips up: “We’re Training ISIL”

obama x

11/13 Paris Attack by ISIS

ken o keefe 2Ken O’Keefe


pigs 1Elena Caldera

The Word – trying to remember how the Bible goes

finchPeter Finch
Illustration Nick Victor

Poetry Alive Event

Poetry-Alive-Fri-20-NovwebNovember 20th
Neil Oram
Nina Zivancevic

The Divided Laing

by Patrick Marmion
Starring Alan Cox
Nov 18 – Dec 12 2015

The Living room.

new11 small
Miriam Elia

Place Waste Dissent

PlaceWasteDissent_v5Paul Hawkins

Days in Song – Poetry Anthology

yesterday 2Ed: Mike Ferguson &
Rupert Loydell
Review: David Erdos

Martyn Bates Interview

MartynBates xRupert Loydell

Advertisment – A Kick Up the Arse of Poetic Farce

russian 2New Romantic Semantics
Russian Futurist Manifesto 1912




DOORWAY small© Rupert M Loydell
Illustration Nick Victor

Manhattan Muffdiver

Carl Weissner


MADNESS (1)Elena Caldera

Lacking Lemov

lemov_dreamsMike Ferguson

Femme et Chat

femme et chat 2Verlaine
Translated by Jack Foley
Pic: Claire Palmer

For Heathcote (on the occasion of his birthday)

heathcote xDafydd ap Pedr



Paris, Friday the 13th 2015

Paris 2Jack Foley
Art: Elena Caldera


man xSteve Cutts


paris 6Rachel McGladdery

Country ‘n’ Grecian

greece 60Martin Wilkinson
Mike D Smith

Putin on the Ritz

putin 3

björk calls for global action to prevent destruction of iceland’s highlands

bjork 2björk
andri snær magnason

Defending the Imperative for Real Food and Real Farmers

environmental-flower-greenJulian Rose

Trash’d New Wave Festival 2015


Why Don’t Black People Vote?

Rashid NixRashid Nix
Southwark Green Party

Modern Times: I Won’t Let You Down

modern timesMontage: Mary Wild

Beat poet Michael McClure tries new style at 83

m mclure 2Sam Whiting

My Boy Jack

My Boy JackPaul Sutton
Illustration Nick Victor


jukebox_200-e1445951143528New Book
by Saira Viola

my heart bleeds

my heart bleeds smallJohn Mingay
Illustration Nick Victor


ghost train 2AC Evans
Pic: Claire Palmer

Hungry Human

hungry humanElena Caldera

Good Grief

griefReview: Rupert Loydell

New Book – Reasons by Rupert Loydell



McShitsElena Caldera

H.L.H.E. (His Lord’s High Executioner)

valet 2A Monologue
by David Erdos
Visual: Claire Palmer


yesterdayReview by
Rupert Loydell &
Mike Ferguson

An Interview With Heathcote Williams

heath 2Saira Viola
Art: Ralph Steadman

Veterans For Peace



Red Neoliberals: How Corbyn’s Victory Unmasked Britain’s Guardian

jeremyxJonathan Cook

MI5 Announce Plans To Hide CCTV In All UK Toilets

MI5 3Ethan Harrison

To a killer

to a killerHeathcote Williams

The Temperature Is Rising, Let’s Show Them We Fucking Mean It

two-days-of-rage 4Johnny Void

Reporter spills the beans and admits all news is fake


Lesser and I

lesser &I  near the end 20150220A Poem for Mike
by Anthony Fry

Max Keiser Attacks Financial Terrorists of Wall Street

max2Max Keiser

Beatitudes Now

billyReverend Billy
& the Stop Shopping Choir

In these difficult times…

Royal Scaffold (1)

Artificial Happiness

artificial happinessElena Caldera


pigAndrew Darlington

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015 – Finalist and Best Costume

Tiago Gambogi


dull is..I, Ludicrous review
David Erdos

Automatic Detention Generator

AutomaticMark Goodwin


girl 3Malcolm McNeill

Divide and Rule Quiz

Competition 2

Everything Depends on You

everything depends on you (3)Elena Caldera

Meet the one city in America where cars have been banned since 1898


I Can Die Like This, You Know?

24 Poem by Dale Vaughn
Mary Wild


Illustration Nick Victor

Facts of/for/against Survival

extinctSarah James

a strange morning 

strange morning2sMike Ferguson
Illustration Nick Victor


veneerby Windows

Trapped in a lift

mikesMike Lesser

Official Guide to What’s Next

IT Trash'd Cannes

Taking Uncivil Liberties

firemanTrade Unions rally against
Tory anti-strike laws

Ahmad Saleh Manasra

AhmadHeathcote Williams

Chinese Leader In Hospital Having Cameron’s Tongue Removed From Arse

xi3Ethan Harrison


Nick and Molly

nick drakeJack Foley

Presidents and Prime Ministers Criminal Acts Forgiven and Forgotten with Each Election

celente2Gerald Celente
Jason Liosatos

Why the War on Cannabis?

war_on_drugsHemp the wonder product

Don’t Eat Meat

expressHeidi Stephenson

Un-incredible Britain

Sleaford-Mods-25_LILJA_750Sleaford Mods

The Living Room

new12smallMiriam Elia

Multi-millionaire Lord Lloyd-Webber Flies In To Crush The Poor

tax credits 2Can you hear the people sing?

A Celebration Of Words That Have Changed The World

poetryfoffxHeathcote Williams
29th -31st October

It’s About Time The Uber-Bourgeois Media Bubble Was Popped

capitalismxJames DC

Award winning show headlines fundraiser for refugee crisis

LABELSXxJoe Sellman-Leava

Doggerel in the cause of black cats

julie_goldsmithHeidi Stephenson
Art: Julie Goldsmith

We were born freedom

born freedomElena Caldera
Trans: Heathcote Williams

Ed Sanders – Fug You


88888 account

88888 accountJosh Ekroy
illustration Nick Victor

Revolution In Our Heads

revolution in our headsElena Caldera


ACE2Rupert Loydell
Collage: AC Evans


aiMark Goodwin
Illustration Nick Victor


Make Tea Not War

make tea

Gaia’s Last Gasp

GaiaHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera


xi 5A New Love Story

The Denaturing of Nature

ecolibriumNew Book
Essay by Julian Rose

Scientists Discover Defective Tory Gene

GeneEthan Harrison

Kim Jong Lizzie

kim jong

More piggery


Cartoon Artist Kate Evans Does Rosa Luxemburg

red-rosa-cover-xJan Herman