FLASH HEATHCOTE GAZA FINAL. is just the noise of things happening. Every victim is a hero. Order is cancer of the social fabric. Cancer is caused by the social fabric's disorder. Once I had a secret love. Love secret a had I once. Help the dead. Turmeric cures all, helps you avoid the dead. Get out of jail free. FLASH HEATHCOTE GAZA FINAL. Technicolour panda baby. Obedience is suicide. Obsequience is promotion. Vive La Zut Alors! Comme la Vive du Ciecle de la fou eternelle de toute politiques. Asbestos. Donner a ce mot une significaion nouvelle dans le sens d'un humain qui aide a la transformation de l'etat d'un autre humain. Be careful. FLASH HEATHCOTE GAZA FINAL. Par exemple ...Chariot Peacock: Asta la spumante de verite sempre. Is Scotland brave? O my Luve's like a red, red rose. Rising, like a lion, after slumber. Caves of Jordan. Star Spangled supermoon flypast sweets. Like they did. Creation is just the noise of something happening, here and Now.

The Children of Gaza

zflag smGaza Revisited
Heathcote Williams


Stop the War International Demos for Gaza

marches3All Around The World
People For Peace


Sara Rahbar-War Series-I want to shelter you-29x18 inches- mixed media- 2013Sara Rahbar

No Double Standards

London Jews sMike Lesser
Pic Tom Wyett

Culture jamming

Culture jamming2

Maybe I could draw how I feel?

yetanyahuRoddy McDevitt

We went to the Gallery

Miriam2. Book review.


Keep It Fluffy – Road Protests

solsbury hillA film by
Adrian Arbib

Our Gang

ourgang14augRobert Tasher


explodexElena Caldera

John Lennon Talking About The Illuminati

johnlennonx+ Message to
Corporate Media

International Times Archive


Visit Gaza


Darren Cullen

Tabloid Centenary

zforget sml

Nicola Lane



Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict



Sara Rahbar

No Today Pls.

no today

Iphgenia Baal

Peace Love Truth Freedom

peace love truth freedomXLyrics & Vocals: XRay


aftermathxAndrew O’Donnell


illuminxMark Wilson

William Blake – Lost Supper

lost supperxIan Smith

Stop the War National Demo For Gaza

Saturday August 9th
12 Noon London

The Data Double

Kieron Livingstone

Would We?

zzchassm. 01

Mike Lesser

Reflux promo

refluxxMalcolm Mc Neill



skylark2xClaire Palmer



‘An Elvis Fetish’

an elvis fetishMichael Bennett

The Ballad of Rivka and Mohammed

leonSong by Leon Rosselson

Our Gang

ourgangaug7Robert Tasher


dog2 smallDave Tomlin
Pic Nick Victor

International Times Archive


Why I Vowed Not to have Children in Gaza

gazaxOmar Ghraieb

Israeli Soldiers Breaking the Silence

Green Left Weekly/TV

Celebrating 100 years

world warxof Lies, Carnage and
War Profiteering

Middle East Peace Envoy to the rescue

blairm2Say when, Mr Blair

No Glory – No More War Event

Gaza 4 AugustParliament Square
August 4th 6.30pm

Heathcote Williams Poetry Readings

americanpornxAmerican Porn
Poetry LP and CD

We go to the gallery: New book.

Miriam Elia


Wrath’s Child

palaestina_1849.psdIn Palaestina

Are They Here?

Sebastian SebeneSebastian Sebene
Art Nick Victor

OX Zen

ox pic smMike Lesser

Ubu Roi

ubu2Jean-Christophe Averty
Film 1965

Push and Pull

nl 0 sm
Nicola Lane

War Planes

adrian jaguraAdrian Jagura

World ‘Sports’ results

dt15Dave Tomlin
Illustration Nick Victor


Collagistes Collected 17

rosexRose Mat

International Times Archive

IT_1971-05-06_B-IT-Volume-1_Iss-103_006Pink Fairies

Messages from Gaza

jvp6from ‘M’ and others
Wednesday 23rd July

Urgent Call from Gaza Civic Society


Jewish Voice for Peace

jvp2Israel and Palestine
An animated introduction

Effects of LSD on Troops 1958

troopsxHistoric Stock Footage


anon2Message to Israel
and Palestine

LSD testing on Britsh Marines 1964


Holocaust No. 2



descendant 3Francis de Aguilar
Pic Claire Palmer

Mainstream Press on Gaza

gaza breakingxBBC and CNN

“We lost contact with the plane.” Really?

plane xJon Rappoport


cctv-2014-07-12 18.53.25Iphgenia Baal

Our Gang

ourgang26Robert Tasher

What Stays?

what stays2Sebastian Sebene
Pic: Claire Palmer

Secret Love Poem

secretHeathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera

Lost Continents

small machineMike Lesser

Impossible codes

small MitchMitch Davis


dt14Dave Tomlin
Picture Nick Victor


Cup of tea


 Nick Victor


International Times Archive


High Hopes – film trailer

highhopesby Guy Davidi
Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
Music: Pink Floyd

Nowhere Left to Go

gaza new 2Angela Godfrey-Goldstein

Israel War Crimes Debate on Gaza

parliamentxUK Parliament Statement

Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states abusing Gaza’s children

alexeiAlexei Sayle
Stop the War Demo
Downing Street 19 July

On Tour

poetryarmy3The Poetry Army
Roy Hutchins


pray2smallNick Victor

Cameron’s New Data Laws Rushed Through Parliament

cameronbVital to protect the country

Our Gang

ourgang25Robert Tasher

In Memoriam

Tommy Ramone performing in London in 1976.Tommy Ramone

Of Bodies Changed

cliffjamesxNew Book
by Cliff James

Dual Personality

elenaxElena Caldera

Cut and Paste

Z stamps smallMike Lesser









Mike Lesser

Conceptual Postcard

znick s

Nicola Lane





The Runner

dt13Dave Tomlin
Picture Nick Victor

Dynoline 3

zzzThe Crew



candy rock

candy rockConfection Conception

Collagistes Collected 16

garth 11Garth Simmons

Do You Want A Cup of Tea?

sheepFrancis de Aguilar
Pic: Claire Palmer

Presidential Vacancy

vote for nobodyHeathcote Williams


corpseElena Caldera


Max Handley
Tony Allen

Westminster Paedo Ring

whitewashLady Butler-Gloss

Rorschach Audio

rorschachxJoe Banks

Haiku on Death

zs nick
Mike Lesser
Pic Nicola Lane

Market Forces

d4 sDave Tomlin
Nick Victor

The Poetry Army Comes to Brum

Bromsgrove Artrix
July 12th

I will not send my children to school

peter 5Collage: Pierre Yumi
Words: Virginia Woolf

The Special Relationship

specialxHeathcote Williams


schumacherxRoddy McDevitt
Pic: Claire Palmer


New Book
Malcolm Mc Neill

The Playgrind

Screenshot 2014-07-03 10.10.07
img: Kieron Livingstone
txt: Iphgenia Baal

Sacred Elephant by Heathcote Williams

sacredxJeremy Crutchley
24 July-17 August
Odyssey Theatre LA


Andrew Darlington
Pic: Claire Palmer

Medical Drugs: Too Big to Fail

PILLSJon Rappoport
Collage: Marc Ways

Einstein on a Bike

small ein - CopyHeathcote Williams
David Erdos

I Want My Mind Back

suelena noguer
Francis de Aguilar
Art: Suelena Noguer

A Terrible Career

 Petra Lea - A terrible CareerPetra Lea


Our Gang

ourgang24Robert Tasher

The quiet art of finding titles

Pater Strange Yumi 3Bogdan Puslenghea
Art Peter Strange Yumi

1914 and all that

dave soldors s
Dave Tomlin
Picture Nick Victor



Hanja Kochansky
Pic Nick Victor



Heromantic sMagpie Jane
Art Nick Victor






Bubble Gum

marc ways 9Collage: Marc Ways

Collagistes Collected 15

hannah vinte 3

Hannah Vinte E Tres


ratmanHeathcote Williams
Art: Elena Caldera

Dead Beat Escapism

iphgeniaIphgenia Baal

The Anatomy of Cyborg Man

PSYJulian Rose
Collage: Peter Yumi


Dharma Rain Jazz 2 sDharma Rain Jazz
Art Nick Victor

Secret Space Event

spaceSan Mateo California
28th -29th June 2014

Heavy Metal

dt12Dave Tomlin
Picture Nick Victor

The Poetry Army Needs You!

Readers needed @
Glastonbury Festival

King of the Jews by Margaret Barker

kingxBook review by
David Elkington

The Long Poem

Paul A Green
Pic Claire Palmer