The Beast of Brexit

boris 2Heathcote Williams
Video: Margaret Cox

For Jo Cox

for-Jo-CoxElena Caldera

Trump in Scotland


New Counties

new6 smallRobert Montgomery

Performance of Heathcote Williams’ The Red Dagger

.C Walsh
Marx Memorial Library
Friday July 1st

American Hoodoo

HOODOO3Saira Viola

Referendum – In or Out?

referendum 2Christopher Stone

A Week In The Life of an Englishman

englandxClaire Palmer


LOLITA-thumbnailCartoon with text
by Bella Land

I’m voting IN

pigsWith thanks to
Geoff Francis

An Artist?

new14 sMiriam Elia

Untitled – a Novella by Jan Woolf Part 5

meloneaters1988100x72Part Five
Painting by
Stanislaw Frenkiel

Truth Tankas 4

chicken-cages-designHeidi Stephenson

A Song For Europe

TONYCTony Bicât


Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by Alfred A. de Pass in memory of his wife Ethel 1910
Rupert Loydell

Begging the Question

IgnoranceScott Thomas Outlar


Illustration Nick Victor


journeyElena Caldera

War Cannot Destroy Paradise

War-cannot-destroy-paradiseElena Caldera


Zeitgeist-pic2Bogdan Pushlenghea
Picture Nick Victor

Kisses and Curses

angel cloudScott Thomas Outlar


time-sDouglas Polk
Illustration Nick Victor

A Wave of Dreams by Louis Aragon

wave of dreams 3Spoken word by Alex Walker
Music Tymon Dogg/Alex Thomas
Greenwich June 27th

High In the Sky

heart 2With thanks to
Elena Caldera

“We are a feelingless people”

julian-beckJulian Beck

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To


Open Your Heart

heartHeathcote Williams
Illustration: Elena Caldera

Pixi Morgan

Pixi guitarChristopher Stone talks
to Saira Viola

Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Powerful Speech at Muhammad Ali’s Funeral


The Last Great Event


The Decline of Civilisation


Untitled: A Novella by Jan Woolf 4

two in flightPart Four
Painting by
Stanislaw Frenkiel


new5sRobert Montgomery

It’s like voting on who gets to kill your granny

.cjstoneChristopher Stone

Boris the Brexit Baby

Boris-the-Brexit-BabyElena Caldera

Leave No Trace.

tELEHANDLERSEthan Harrison

Truth Tankas 3

ivoryHeidi Stephenson

A Great Initiation Called Death

angelJulian Rose

Children of Las Vegas

chris erleTimothy O’Grady

Gun Culture Villanelle