If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space. Wild monkey lap dancer's underwear. Immortalise yourself in the poem. Petrol for immolation. Projectile inspiration. Join the Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose PARTY PARTY PARTY for real change. Physical-metaphysical high speed torture extending through the axis of the sphinx. God is dud. Fast food charity. Doom is the new dynamite dance. Their heavy weapons armchair mounted. David Cameron dissolves in own spit. Mere emblems of hell. Directory soul search for a fragile crown at the broken heart of banking. The ‘F’-word... fairness. The ‘C’-word... compassion. La lute noir. Invisible struggle. Parliament elected by ‘X-Factor. M'aidez, M'aidez. Chariot Peacock. Their pitches oscillate, good for spin bowlers.The Caliphate is on its way to Brighton. They search and here it was. Monks stole our sores. All wounds explained here. The sky is not the limit. Bandage the knives. Empires arrested. I would not unchain myself even if they lend me the key. Within and without. I was going underground-some hope. Apocalypse Then.

Would you like to see my corpse?

corpse xHeathcote Williams
Art Elena Caldera


undergroundWords: Emer Martin
Music: The Mighty Avon Jnr
Voice: Daragh McCarthy

Ocean Crusader Awarded Top Prize

boyan slatBoyan Slat

The Babilonian II

Bab stubMike Lesser
Pics Nicola Lane


reflux2Malcolm McNeill

Death à Gogo

claygoldClay Gold

Son-bull now

bp angelBogdan Puslenghea
Pic. Nick Victor

Blood on the floor

new7 sMiriam Elia

Our Gang

OUR GANG - #120 - THUMBNAIL 2Words: Michael Ceraolo
Pix: Robert Tasher

It’s An Inside Job

silhouette 2Francis de Aguilar
Pic Claire Palmer

Shoot Out

dt dog 2Dave Tomlin
Art Nick Victor

Museums that Frighten Me, No. 3—The Toilet Museum, New Delhi, India

delhiGarth Twa

Falling Into Place – Part 3

believer 3Adrian Hill
Malcolm McNeill

Wild city

11sRobert Montgomery

The Whirld Dissolves

anenome 5Neil Oram
Pic Claire Palmer

Gandalf’s Garden

by ‘Legolas’

Dick Was Now Mayor, and Phoebe Wished Him Well

petraxExpo: The Jam Factory
Oxford Nov 30-Jan 7

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end of week 01

Making Love, Ancient and Modern

lovexHeathcote Williams
Art Elena Caldera

Harry Patch – The Last Tommy

harry patchRoddy McDevitt

Dickens Dossier and Child Abuse Trial


Countdown to the Nineteen-Hour Assasination of David Cameron


Andrew Darlington

A New Religion

10cFrancis de Aguilar
Pic: Claire Palmer

Our Gang

OUR GANG - #119 - THUMBNAILRobert Tasher


mwolffMirawek Wolff
Paris Nov 11- Dec 4

Nothing Happens

10sRobert Montgomery

LOST !!!!2

dave cooper 10sDave Cooper

Tree Power

tree power
Heathcote Williams
Art Elena Caldera

The Believer – Falling Into Place (Part 1)

lostartAdrian Hill

Inside Out

Neil Oram

Warp Review

the warpNiall McDevitt


zBogdan Puslenghea
pic Mike Lesser

How Salvador Dali Melted My Time

dali clockRichard Squires

Thought Police

dt policeDave Tomlin
Pic. Nick Victor

The Active Side of Infinity

castanedaCarlos Castaneda
Julian Rose

Bad People

zPic Nic Lane
Mike Lesser

Our Gang

OUR GANG6novRobert Tasher

Danger zone

cooper 2sDave Cooper

When we sleep

9s Robert Montgomery


Rise Above

peacexMary Isabel Gresham

All We Are Saying

john yoko

Afghanistan War 2001 – 2014

afghan war 3Who Won?

If I were to make love

love poemxHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

Red Fist

AA_red_fistMike Lesser

Our Gang

ourgang29octRobert Tasher

Pocket Money Loans

pocket money loansDarren Cullen

The Lost Art of Burroughs’ Unpublished Novel

pookArt: Malcolm Mc Neill


unfulfilledFilm by Keith Rodway

India Song (2)

dt joint smallDave Tomlin
Pic.Nick Victor

Recent Publications

CTxCold Turkey Press

Kodachrome 35mm Slides Mash-Up

Gavin Mitchell 1Collage
Gavin Mitchell

Pain Explained

8sRobert Montgomery

Badshah Abdul Ghaffar Khan

bachahxHeathcote Williams

Love is Anarchist

Love is anarchistElena Caldera

Dead Spread

Dead-spreadDarren Cullen

Our Gang

OUR GANG - #116 -DISPLAY FRAME 01Robert Tasher

India Song (1)

dt17Dave Tomlin
Picture Nick Victor

Chorale/Inflamed Whale

terrortainmentxBogdan Puslenghea
Pic: Claire Palmer

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Obama?


Me and Mr Baker

Me and Mr Baker

mediterrenean flowers

7sRobert Montgomery

Shmuck Gets His

zzzMike Lesser

Ash Tree

dc smallDave Cooper

All Young Lovers Look Up At The Stars

all young loversxHeathcote Williams
Art: Elena Caldera

Gaza Spectators

gaza spectators 2




Waterproof Trailer

waterproofxArt & Film:
Graham Dean
Sound: David Rhodes

The Shooter

shooterxHeidi Stephenson
Montage: Claire Palmer

Ebola Hoax: The Numbers Game

ebola 2Jon Rappoport

Occupy Democracy

occupy 2October 17-26
Parliament Square

Horror at the Gallery

new 7smallMiriam Elia

Business As Usual

corporate-greedFrancis de Aguilar

All Gut

zsidfMike Lesser

Speculation V – ‘A pox on that!’

dt poetsmallDave Tomlin
Art Nick Victor

Oltre lo Sguardo (Beyond the Gaze)

Oltre_lo_sguardoElena Caldera

Dead Hollywood

6Robert Montgomery

That Magic Touch of Royalty

£BURY - FRAME 2Robert Tasher

Whatever makes you happy, baby

bp3 smallBogdan Puslenghea
Art Nick Victor

Poetry Propaganda

ppHeathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera

Lament for the Children of Gaza

fdeaFilm and Music:
Francis de Aguilar

The End of the Line

london xHeidi Stephenson
Pic: Claire Palmer

The Snow Film

snowfilmKeith Rodway
Music: Ipsaris

Know what to do in the news event of a terrorist attack

Darren Cullen

The Fat Face

The Fat Face  sFrancis de Aguilar
Pic Nick Victor

Autumn Sonnet

sqsmall2Dave Tomlin
Pic: Nick Victor


blueBogdan Puslenghea
Pic: Hannah Vinte

Less is more?

xxxxsMike Lesser

Our Gang

ourgangoct9Robert Tasher

The Graffiti Poet

5sRobert Montgomery

Love in Old Age

amore maturoHeathcote Williams
Art: Elena Caldera

When Bombs Again Rain


Tim Gray
Pic Mike Lesser

From Albion to Shangri-La

pete parisby Peter Doherty
Book Review

O Ye

dt clownDave Tomlin
Pic Nick Victor

The Eccentric

dragonflyHeidi Stephenson

Everything Wrong With The World

prince eaPrince Ea

Terrorism Threat Level

terror xDarren Cullen

Our Gang

ourgang oct2Robert Tasher

Fine Thanks.

Francis de Aguilar 4Francis de Aguilar
Pic. Nick Victor

You Know?


Mike Lesser

Ship of the Seven Seas

Shipwreck Beneath the SeaSophia Jackson
Pic Claire Palmer

Pagan Art 2

4sRobert Montgomery

True Love in the Impossible Emporium

emporiumxHeathcote Williams


Mike Lesser
Pic Nick Lane

Spinning the Web of Life

cobwebsJulian Rose
Pic Claire Palmer

Scotland Decides

ScotlandxA Ghost Story

We go to the gallery.

new 5 smallMiriam Elia

Our Gang

OUR GANG - #113 - DISPLAY FRAME 02Robert Tasher

This Earth is Purgatory

purgatoryElena Caldera

Culture jamming 6

Culture jamming6small

Culture Jamming


I Have Learned A Lot

Francis de Aguilar 1Francis de Aguilar
Pic Nick Victor

Pagan art

3 part 2 small

Robert Montgomery

Beyond the Beyond

dt dogDave Tomlin
Pic Nick Victor



Cameron Rejoices

scotxReferendum Porn

David Cameron – Karma’s Chameleon

chameleonxHeathcote Williams
Video: Alan Cox

Chancellor’s Thoughts


Roddy McDevitt


wordsxFrancis de Aguilar
Illust. Claire Palmer

The Great Dictator – Scottish Independence

david haymanDavid Hayman

Our Gang

ourgang18septRobert Tasher

The Great British Ritual

hero sm 01Michael Wyndham
Pic Mike Lesser