International Times – The Newspaper of Resistance. Founded 1966. Edited by an anarchist collective. Imagination is the best way to say ‘Fuck You’ to Reality. Spandex. Dopamine. Natural highs banned. Unnatural lows allowed. Spartacus. As inside, so outside. Invisible Insurrection. Imagine A Shone. Absolute Baby Nation. State implodes. Crystalline calcium phosphate in the form of Bubblegum at the crow-bar. Ratchet's Cuckoo Racket. Poison embroidery sanitization. Fried friend. Sudden Dead Clarity Roulette. [chant] TTIP. Six clambered cesspit gun. Your flag over their baby fois gras. Their Godless crops. Their mindless new rules. The out there and the in there. Bent dice rolls augury; pummelled fate. Mutter sty drab corny Twitter barrage maelstrom! Strontium ballad aggravation. Twisted corn. Abdication revamped, tyranicide. Gregarious optimism implosion. Recital buggered. Christian bathos (God not ded.) Calamitous oyster misdemeanour. Adagio gibbet, sky dance, Tyburn. Loose at avian roulette. Blistered lozenge. Vinyl gabardine, swine? Swivel fandango hospital. Celestial Peacock. defeatist baggage. Fervid scumble cash crash. Garrotted murk disciple. Calling all scarred toys. Lame stoic faggot; androgyny inversion? Aghast? Prefabricated censor, rephrased, reborn. Tequila curvature, acid twist, hash bash. Balsam bomb . Circumlocutory razor. Chariot Peacock. Yea! Fragility bound in rajah hovel, antibiotic hermitage? Geisha excapes scarlet lodgement. Prophylactic glue slattern banished. Succulent grape leech banished. Galvanic octopus stymied. Shellac twine guilty as hell. Scattered privet, scholastic. Cobalt briquette. Muffin shipwreck now class A. Dorsal mayhem next. Hostel poker saves nine. Anvil pugilist on our side. Exuding blinkers save woman 97. Loyalty; wins. La Lute Noir continue. A la lantern. Deceased clinometer rite twice daily. Pantyhouse hooky paradox. Snappy arithmetic taught monkey to shine. The vow of silence. Streptomycin cutlass dividend. Emetic Janus ends year. The Height and the Fight of Ignorance. Beach cover bikini kill. Iceliner airliner investigation.


rev1Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

Commoners Choir

tom-riley-robin-hood-robot-of-sherwoodBoff Whalley
Video: Claire Palmer

Do protest songs work? Ten inspiring songs for the fight against austerity

blevy2Carrie Giunta

Athens Diary 5

imgHeathcote Ruthven

June 20th, 2015: The March Against Austerity

austerityxJames Manning

The Radical Bank of Brighton & Hove: Document for a future-history

austxxjo vile


birdAntony Owen
illustration Nick Victor

Why Iceland’s Decision To Jail Its Bankers Is Triggering A Revolution

landsbanki_1006784cSamuel Ezerzer
Neon Nettle
+ True Activist

Shock & Awe

55sRobert Montgomery

rainy little monday

man on tableBogdan Puslenghea
illustration Nick Victor

We Do Not Fear Anarchy – We Invoke It

anarchyxxNew Book
Robert Graham

  ‘Third Density Embrace – Are the Gods Jealous?’

embraceJulian Rose

Bientôt l’été, attempt #6

bientotMichaël Samyn
Auriea Harvey

Be My Family

be my familyPaul Blackburn
Pic: Claire Palmer

New Book

New Book Cover soon to be Launched smallDave Cooper

Another Bomb, Another Day

855-a.-A-Reasonable-Fear-Of-The-Fascist-States-Of-America-Dee-Sunshine-727x1024Dee Sunshine


zeroxPeter Dent
Pic: Claire Palmer

If The Pump Don’t Work, Don’t Vandalise The Handle…

lifttothe scaffoldxAndrew Darlington

Peace Crop Circle

cropStanton St Bernard, Wiltshire
June 16th 2015

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To

end of week 01


GodHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

M-M-MOSES (re-published)

M-M-MosesxMalcolm McNeill

Athens Diary 4

HRHeathcote Ruthven

Up In The Soundcloud, June 2015

erbearMusic Reviews
Rupert Loydell

Protest poem #2

Protest poem #2Charlie Baylis
Illustration Nick Victor


bridesby Alexis Strum
New Wimbledon Theatre
24-27 June

We Devour Ourselves

mary wildVideo Montage
Mary Wild

Contextualisation and Demystification; Biography, Letters, Fiction and Memoir

books2Book Reviews
Rupert Loydell


fairiesElena Caldera
Trans: Heathcote Williams

Weight Train

weight 20Music: Martin Wilkinson
Video: Claire Palmer


illustration Nick Victor


Age.KentAaron Kent

a strange morning

street2Mike Ferguson
Pic: Claire Palmer

The Multi-Millionaire Arms Dealer – By Appointment

armsdxHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

Corporate Constitution

Corporate Constitution smallMichael Ceraolo
illustration Nick Victor

Athens Diary 3

greek7Heathcote Ruthven

The Dark Matter Delusion

Dark Matter CGreg Sams
Pic: Claire Palmer


743-a.-The-Search-Continues-Dee-Sunshine-697x1024Dee Sunshine

Did The Queen of England Really Do That?

leexLee Camp
Redacted Tonight

Mind Dances

mind dancesmallDavid Grubb
Illustration Nick Victor


staircase2AC Evans
Pic: Claire Palmer


MusiccolorsElena Caldera

Romanian Greys

models smaller itBogdan Puslenghea
illustration Nick Victor


Rupert Loydell


nursesit2 smallNick Victor


RedIbyRitvaRaitsaloxIslington Art Society
Ritva Raitsalo
June 24 – July 12

Trailer Tent

trailer tentNeil Fulwood
Pic: Claire Palmer

The Cold Caller

cold callerHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

A New Literary Memoir Recalls Dylan Thomas

Jan Herman

Athens Diary 2

Greek BWords and Photos
Heathcote Ruthven

GLASTON-BERRY ! in memoriam, 2014

glastoxJay Ramsay
Pic Claire Palmer

Organic Hierarchy – And Dark Side Deception

illuminatixJulian Rose


cameronCabinet of Millionaires

Politics Within Tent

in tents2Peter Beard
Pic: Claire Palmer

Isle of Wight Festival Book Launch

big issue Blackwell’s Oxford
Tuesday 9th June

Why Local Government Elections Thrill

faceless-menxPeter Finch
Pic Claire Palmer

Witness Theatre’s Julius Caesar

Caesar.4Brighton Festival Fringe
May 21

Review: Keith Rodway

Berlin by Lou Reed

berlin2Greater Manchester
Fringe Festival, July 3rd

Kings Arms Theatre 

Moon’s Orgasm

Moon'sorgasmElena Caldera

Prehistoric Wings

wingsxLyrics and Vocal Bella Land
Drums Allan Kimball
Bass ‘Grandaddy Purple’

The airport at night

airport smallCharlie Baylis
illustration Nick Victor

Alice in Sunderland

AliceBryan Talbot

No Speak

no speakNick Victor

To Be Good

ToBeGood.akentAaron Kent


bp2Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

The Dying Bee

Bees 3Heathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera

A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop

neil young 2Neil Young +
Promise of the Real

Athens Diary

Greece 1Heathcote Ruthven
Pic: Claire Palmer

Kanye West Sues Satan After Getting Nothing For Selling Soul

West2xEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Changing the Picture

geoff francis2Art Installation:
Geoff Francis
Music: Captain Sensible


look no further 2Painting: Julie Goldsmith
Group Exhibition
Curator: Susan Supercharged

Last Words

ericgarner Sandra Sidman Larson


Pic: Jacques Marchal

Days and Nights in the Deep Freeze

80sNorman Jope
Pic: Claire Palmer

Surgery with Dr Poetica

a1 magMark Goodwin
Pic Nick Victor.

elevated A

elevated A small

Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

Gay Vampire TV Chef

vampireNew Book by
Ethan Harrison


new 2 smallAntony Owen
Illustration Nick Victor

Dynoline 4

dynolineIT CREW

Where Have All The Lions Gone?

LIONWords Rev Lynne Chitty 
Music by Kerst

H.R.H. Lord Buckley: The Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat And Hipster of the Heart

buckleyxHeathcote Williams

HMQ Addresses the National Assembly

welsh-flagPeter Finch

Something Suspicious

beatlesxPete The Temp

Ed Miliband Only On Dole For A Week 

ED 2Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Miggle Engerlund Fantasies

englandLuke Temple Walsh
Pic: Claire Palmer

Jane Is Quiet

new9 smallMiriam Elia

When Is A Million Not Enough?

Jack BroadbentJack Broadbent
Video: Camilla Kitten

This Is Not The Ten O’Clock News

William_Blake's_Cain_and_AbelNeil Oram

Ugly Is

ugly isMalcolm McNeill

A Dream Called Freedom

a dream called freedomElena Caldera
Trans: Heathcote Williams


Andy Darlington

Dee Sunshine

889-a. Love Overcomes All - Dee SunshineArtworks

Higher Education 

it smallerAndy Brown
illustration Nick Victor

A smile folded

54 a smile foldedRobert Montgomery

All Wrong

AllWrong.kent (1)Aaron Kent

Cartoon Visions

11another gor it2Tim Cumming
illustration Nick Victor

A Dog’s Life

a dogs lifeDave Tomlin

Five things we learnt from the General Election

emperor xCharlie Baylis

The NHS in Cameron’s Hands


Unpopular Tory Election Victory Sparks Downing Street Riots

riotxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

The World to Come – from Vision to Reality

angel morning2Julian Rose

Normal Person and Me

normalxElena Caldera


creasesNeil Oram
Pic Claire Palmer

Artists For Palestine UK

Freedom Theatre UK tour
May 13 – June 20

Merlin Atmos – Van der Graaf Generator

Merlin AtmosMusic Review
Rupert Loydell


flower struggles to surviveRupert Loydell
Pic Claire Palmer

Mobservation #3 

education small 3Michael Ceraolo
Picture Nick Victor

Looking Back

53 smallRobert Montgomery

Some things we only use once.

Francis de Aguilar

YES: PROGENY – Seven Shows from Seventy-Two

yesxMusic Review
Rupert Loydell


umbrellaDavid Grubb
Picture Nick Victor

Tory Dog-Whistle Politics Sonnet

heelMike Ferguson

‘Of Dylan and his Deaths’ by Heathcote Williams

dylan t


Never Mind the Ballots


Election Night Special 2

poetryRoy Hutchins & Others
in ‘Poetry Army’

By Heathcote Williams
May 7th

Party Leaders Release Final Insults in Last Round of Blatant Engineering

dwarfsxxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Why I Vote Green

vote greenGreen Planet,
Green Future

Why I Vote Labour

miliband 2Boris T. Ćorović

Beyond The Colours of Infinity

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
William Rood
Music: David Gilmour

Albion Beatnik Bookstore

albion-b1The Red Dagger
by Heathcote Williams
May 6th Oxford