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An Angel You Know

angelHeathcote Williams
Martin Wilkinson
Vocals: Harriet James
Video: Claire Palmer

R.I.P Hoppy

19sRest in Peace   Hoppy


ecozoa xNew book by
Helen Moore

Rapito [Abductee]

E14Narration: Elena Caldera
Poem: Heathcote Williams

Conservation and Ecology, and the Dangers of Intention

gorillasxMalcolm Ritchie

Hoppy’s Legacy



JIHADI BAPTIST smallJay Ramsay
Illustration Nick Victor

Fearing Johnny Jihad ‘Terror Fatigue’ MI5 Reveal Alan Al Qaeda

Johnny JihadxxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

First They Came …

ghost ship 1David Briggs
Montage: Claire Palmer


sov6Mark Wilson

A Sonnet to Park Hill

sheffieldxStephen Hunt

Weather Report

Always Dreaming Alone (2002)David Erdosh
Collage: AC Evans


Kent.Blue (1)Aaron Kent

The Circle Line

love peaceStephen Summers


vincentThe Little Typists


shore smallMark Goodwin
Pic: Nick Victor

Leonard Nimoy

In Memoriam

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To

end of week 01

Abductee by Heathcote Williams

7Music:  Martin Wilkinson
Marianne Faithfull

Video: Claire Palmer


Mike McInnerney Mike McInnerney

John Keats’ Porridge

Reborn_ItHeathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera


Picture Nick Victor

Stoned With Snow Part One

snowxRoddy McDevitt

Penniless Ex Home Secretaries Forced To Moonlight For Extra Cash

Rifkin_Straw2xEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Poets in the blood.

47sRobert Montgomery

The Filth and Scum of Kent

HenryNevillebookcoverxMark Bradbeer

Goggled Earth Myth

googled earthMark Goodwin

Waking up to Sheepism in The Year of The Sheep

sue coe xHeidi Stephenson
Illustrations: Sue Coe

Materialism as Spiritual Rust: A Second Fall and the Desecration of Eden

mritchieMalcolm Ritchie

The Subjugation of the Creator – End Game of Our Tormentors?

wbxJulian Rose

Is There Sex After Death?

sexVideo Mary Wild
Poem Heathcote Williams

Stoned With Snow Part Two

snowxxRoddy McDevitt


JungiansSandra Tappenden
Pic.  Nick Victor

A Timely Act

A Timely ActDave Tomlin

Rifkind and Straw

rifkindxRoddy McDevitt

Haiku 267

zmirrorsMike Lesser

It’s Time To Get Political

benny hill2Roddy McDevitt

Is There Sex After Death?

sexdeathxHeathcote Williams
Pic Elena Caldera

Bowie’s Piano Man

Garson_front_cover2The Life of Mike Garson
by Clifford Slapper

Fifty Shades of Capitalism

fiftyLynn Parramore
Narration: Mary Wild

Outside the Broken Heart

brokenLuke Temple Walsh

1% Still Experiencing ‘Unforeseeable’ Problems Spreading Wealth To World’s Poor

davosxxEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst


46sRobert Montgomery

Hunting the Hare

hare53Song: Martin Wilkinson
Video: Claire Palmer

Envision and Unthink (We Need a Leader)


Moon Dream

dreamElena Caldera

Philosophy, Science and Religion: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost of Western Patriarchal Culture

philoMalcolm Ritchie
Pic: Claire Palmer

He ain’t Black

OBAMADouglas Polk

Chinaski Talks About The Riots

Chinaski Talks smallMike Ferguson
Picture Nick Victor


tagRupert M Loydell


High Anarchy

zzdaveDave Tomlin

Saccharine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins Performing in London

Speakfeel III

speakfeel artDavid Russell
Art Rob Holmes

The Jesus and Mary Chain

1dNewcastle O2
Feb 18

Workless Washday: Burnt Journal 1952

Workless Washday smallRobert Sheppard
Picture Nick Victor

If our cards were on the table

cards on the tablePaul Sakoilsky

A Battle of Words

booksBook Reviews
David Elkington

Artificial Intelligence

AIHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera


REV6Elena Caldera


war2Bogdan Puslenghea
Pic Nick Victor

Mr Eternity

eternityVideo: Mary Wild
Poem: Heathcote Williams

The White Star

white star bNeil Oram
Pic Claire Palmer

Humanist Think Tank Proposes Banker Cull

banker2Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Border Control

border final s Aaron Kent
pic Nick Victor

A Tale of ‘Hoppy’

OxfordDave Tomlin

Everything you found

45sRobert Montgomery


sick crowJulian Rose
Pic David Dees

Decidedly Unpheasant

decidedlyxLuke Temple Walsh

Two Poems from Hafez

Two Poems from HafezsMario Petrucci
Pic.  Nick Victor

More Ubiquitous than God

fryxAn Angry Man Speaks Out

Starchildren and Starseeds

mary rodwellMary Rodwell

I Am Warrior

queentantrumQueen Tantrum

Rich People

richxHeathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins Interview

hoppyIT Co-Founder

Take Back Our World!

take backGlobal Justice Event
February 21st


castlexDave Tomlin
Montage: Claire Palmer

MPs Still Chomping On Bit To Get To The Bottom Of Child Sex Crimes

westminster xEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Inside The Commons

CommonsLifting The Lid

Thank You Stan

Stanley_MatthewsStanley Matthews
Centenery Tribute
Geoff Francis

Reagan’s American Heroes

psychoVideo: Mary Wild


elephantxLuke Temple Walsh


humansElena Caldera
Transl: Heathcote Williams

Gardens of Earthly Delight

Project Delta (2014)Jeff Cloves
Collage: AC Evans


fringe2pictureBogdan Puslenghea
Nick Victor

Afghan Picnic

apw 23Song: Martin Wilkinson
Video: Claire Palmer


Andy Brown sAndy Brown
Pic: Nick Victor

Great Britain’s Greatest Beast

Churchill with mohicanHeathcote Williams

John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins

hoppy2b(15 August 1937 –
30 January 2015)



rememberElena Caldera

Lead On

zzzzsDavid Hart
Pic Mike Lesser

New Greek President Says ‘Γαμώ The Banks!’

GreekEthan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst

Life Out of Balance – A Portrait of Godfrey Reggio

godfrey reggio xJan Herman


All Young Lovers Look Up at the Stars

Video: Mary Wild
Poem: Heathcote Williams

A devil needs an artist. Two.

the devil2Nick Victor

The Return of the Man Who Has Everything

ReturnOfManxNew Book
Rupert M Loydell

Sale or Return and Tsunami of Love

ed woods s Eddie Woods

Thinking: A Criminal Act?

DavidDees-RFIDChipsxJulian Rose
Pic David Dees

The Atomised Deity: A God of Light as a God of Dark

atomisedMalcolm Ritchie
Pic Mike Lesser


ANGOLADavid Briggs
Pic Claire Palmer

Indication in a dreamscape

Indication in a dreamscapeBogdan Puslenghea
Picture Nick Victor

Speakfeel Part II

speakfeelxDavid Russell
Pic Claire Palmer


frugallityDave Tomlin

Wooden House

44sRobert Montgomery


sleepxMary Wild

Make Love Not War

love 12Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

Manifesto Against Rapacity

manifestoJohn Kinsella

The Blot

thronexxHelen Moore
Pic: Claire Palmer

Sun Bans Tits From Page Three But Lets Them Keep Running Paper

Oh no you don't2Ethan Harrison
Disestablishment Analyst


keithsRupert M Loydell
Pic Mike Lesser

A Word In Your Shell Please!

top shellxHeidi Stephenson
Pic: Claire Palmer


davd angelDavid Erdos
Pic: Mike Lesser

Sedation by Soundbite

DEES - Dumbed DownJulian Rose
Pic: David Dees

Nyah! Nyah!

zdavesDave Tomlin
Pic Mike Lesser

Mr. Charlie

mr charlie smallMaung Chaw Nwe
Picture Nick Victor

Burroughs 101

BURROUGHS_101.jpegEvent, Feb 6, New York
Gerard Bellaart

It feels to win

43sRobert Montgomery


gaze smallBogdan Puslenghea
Picture Nick Victor

Late For His Own Murder

willem 4Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera

The Guv’s Common Sense Message to the UK

guvcPub Landlord

Love? What is it?

lovexVideo Montage:
Mary Wild