10 Million Christs














marching cadavers
inconsequential consequences
of another’s lust and greed
stapled medals, a rosary for the cordoned
starving for successful failure

backpack messiahs
blinded by visions of paradise
unwashed feet caked in mud
a warrior psychosis
sold to souls
saladin’s blood
on lionheart’s sword
to bush’s head
on bin laden’s pole

crustacean crusade on overfed donkeys
a jism jihad on blurred video

an olive branch
an oxygen mask
a trident missile attack
purveyors of putrefaction
assinine dumb waiters
drunk on faith
fatah         hamas        hezbollah
idf      scientologist                    taliban christianvoice

how many more christs
until we are all crucified?

Patrick Jones

Art: Claire Palmer


Patrick Jones is a Welsh poet, playwright, activist and senior sibling of Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers.

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