A Library Rant


FDR was wrong,

so was Custer,

Indians can think,

and learn,

Stonewall Jackson was right,

it is important to believe in something,

Lenin thought too much,

Stalin worried too much,

and Trotsky talked too much,

Hitler hated himself,

and everyone else,

looking for someone, on whom,

to place the blame,

Kennedy screwed too much,

while Nixon schemed his nights away,

Carter was a Mama’s boy,

along with Clinton,

Bush, one and two,

thought themselves Divine,

Obama, a pot smoking savior,

concerned mainly with white liberal elites,

now Trump, a con man,

who professes to have found God,

I, myself, write too much,

drink too much,

and continually wonder,

what does any of this real matter,

while scanning the shelves for a new book.




Douglas Polk

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