A Salvage Hunter


What makes a good slogan? “The cigar, strangely,

is central to the plot,” she said. Do we have an

explanation for the whole of everything? Let’s

just drill down into some details. This is our largest


and most common pigeon but surely it’s about

whether the decision was right or wrong in the

first place? Some birds are bold enough to brave

the bird feeder yet there are whole swathes of


insects that we haven’t yet discovered. “How do

we know any of this to be true?” he said. Yet the

notes she chose not to play were as meaningful

as those she did. “Our brains prefer contrast,” she


said. Just listen to that harmonium. Somebody

always knows where the rusty gold is and here

we have a ghostly presence in our gallery space.

“A sound follows a soundless pause,” he said.


Our internal worlds are highly constructed but

when these currents collide they bring fresh

nutrients to the surface. “Detectorists? We’re

time-travellers,” she said. What can we do to


save ourselves? Nothing here is for sale yet there

has to be a bigger margin and this time the guide

posts behave exactly as they should. “The tension

on the anchor chain is immense,” he said.


Here at least the migrating birds can stop for a rest.

Why not check your eligibility today? “Go before you

bring them back like angry flies,” she said. Yet the

bird was mistaken, it was a viper with a lethal bite.






Steve Spence




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