A Windmill of Bones

A windmill of bones? Time zones or bricks and stones?
Have we got colour yet? A new worker protection
enforcement authority will be set up to safeguard those
in precarious work. “It’s an anchor to the soul,” he said,

“an anchor to the soul.” Self-sufficiency is encouraged
but no side has a monopoly on wisdom or virtue. This
area is known for its wide open plains which are set against
a backdrop of skyscrapers. Why are there so many films

about aliens? “It was the making of me,” she said. Is your
home your mobile phone? Are you good at identifying voices?
Now the invasion begins. Do you have difficulty in recognising
faces? He said the sculptures were acquired legally and had

not been removed as a result of conflict or violence. “These
fish have teeth on their tongues,” she said. Employers will be
encouraged to invest in jobs and be involved in training and
apprenticeships. Everything just locks down in the attack.




Steve Spence

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