All Life Matters

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4 Responses to All Life Matters

  1. Heidi Stephenson says:

    Beautiful, vital and urgent. The only hope for a future on planet earth. All lives, every single one. No more racism…or speciesism, but a recognition of the Oneness of all Life.

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks Heidi 🙂
    With all the current coverage of this subject I dont see this message appearing, and there has never been a more vital time in human history, regarding our stewardship of the earth and all its creatures, and our effects on them, for this point to be made. I believe many of our problems on earth would be over if this policy was adopted, worldwide.

  3. Heidi Stephenson says:

    “One love, one heart
    Let’s get together and feel all right…
    As it was in the beginning (One love)
    So shall it be in the end (One heart)…”

  4. Claire says:

    Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One love)
    So when the Man comes there will be no, no doom (One song)
    Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
    There ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation

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