Are They Here?

Sebastian Sebene










Are they here?
Barking voices,
Continuos memorable quantity,
Shredding nightmares
Chased forever.

Shapeless dreams 
They call emotions
Cross off-beat
Each rhythm.

Alienating comrade
Mixed in nights,
Yelling, jerked up 
Far away, 
Thumped out time zoned
Blue eyes.

Unexpected truce, 
Are we there then?

In our immediate glory
Of Impure white,
Grey afternoon

Animalistic fragment
Of the other,
Sober dream, 
Tick-tock-ing free

Compulsive, oblivious
Careless in ambition,
Nurtured guide dog;
Soundless ally to any crisis.

What stares in silence,
What screams
In the soliloquy of the other
While Tick-tocks tick-tack
Surrounding darkness?

Tick-tock, tick-tock 

The inescapable
Nauseating sound,
Lights off.


Sebastian Sebene
Art Nick Victor




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