Ben Browton

Ben Browton is an artist with a catalogue of over forty years of creative output, spanning punk to the present. Ben was the lead singer/songwriter Seymour Bybuss with The Shapes, a punk band based in Leamington Spa, active between 1977 and 1980.


In 1982 Ben attended Goldsmiths College of Art, gaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.  He took part in fine art exhibitions in London, Basel and Munich over the next few years.


In the 1990’s Ben found an engagement in the growing gender fluid club scene in London, attending many seminal nights including Kinky Gerlinky, Fantastic, Way Out and Smashing. He made idiosyncratic customised outfits to wear at these nights, and then went on to  perform his own songs live at venues such as the 12 Bar and The Klinker.  For four gigs only he was bass player with ill-fated legendary tranny-punk band Candy Darling.


In 2006, Ben decamped from London to Hastings, East Sussex, which was a critical move for the resurgence of a studio-based return to art-making by him.  Always open to new directions and influences in his practice, his new work eventually coalesced with some key themes and influences.  Mirroring the political, financial, sexual and environmental zeitgeist of the late 2000’s, he named his ongoing output ‘The TOXIC project’, and restricted his colour palette to orange and black. This fundamental statement of parameter allowed Ben to utilise a certain degree of liberated retrospectiveness about his own historical cultural output, and for a new impulse of urgency about the critical business of doing and making.


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