Cold Hell III (Trans. Eng.)

The world drowns in a tide of shit, oozing from parasites who prefer crawling to the use of their wings.

I am frozen by the knowledge of my own slavery, my own fear, my own self-delusion.

I know I need this vile tide, betraying myself to nourish my meaty heart from the monster’s blood.

My pain drives me to self-betrayal; the self-betrayal fills me with pain.

Am I nothing more than the impulse to self-destruction?

Eros and Thanatos wrestle. Do I need to live just to destroy myself?

Am I a fear-frozen lab rat or the sadistic scientist?

Am I too broken with terror to leave an open cage?

Like a toy robot soldier I march in my own funeral procession; my dead eyes fixed on a unluckly lifeless alien landscape.

Is it absurd to think the nightmare could implode?

Am I mad to want freedom?


Let’s break power’s arse.

No one owns us.

Trans. Marino Risica and Mike Lesser

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3 Responses to Cold Hell III (Trans. Eng.)

  1. Claire Palmer says:

    Brilliant poem Elena, have read it over, many times. Powerful, brave and true. Grazie Bella!

  2. Elena Caldera says:

    Thanks honey, I thank you so much even Mike and Marino for helping me with the translation in english ! kiss see u soon! Ex

  3. Brent Schuster says:

    Elena, The poem has great feeling and bite to it, that it stings like wasp in reality yet soothes you with creative inspiration of visionary imagination:) totally awesome Elena love it heaps!

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