Department of Toil

Heckling mid manager martinets
hound toiling millenniums
duped by debt
and riveted with ambivalent baby boomer anger
bloated with Bachelors of Mousetrap
State promise and four-year sheep skins
tools useful as pigs vomit
compliments of yellow brick brainwash
university handshakes
and parental push
carrot stick promises
the new now
America, Washington, District
Re-engineer your Department of Labour
Refresh it’s name
Department of Toil will suffice
The Toilers are teeming
ready to shoot the donkey
and eat that carrot
The bankers will turn bust to boom
and pipe money to a reformation scared 1 %
while neo-gen toilers teem anew
waiting for Godot
dining on fine
donkey and cheese empanadas
served by a robot
made in the USA



Gregg Dotoli

pic Elena Caldera

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