Doggerel in the cause of black cats




Is it a sin to be black?1

Why’d you leave me behind, at the back?

Walk away from me, clickety-clack?


Is it a sin to be black?

You dismiss me with “I’m alright, Jack.”

I wish I had kerb-appeal knack!


Is it a sin to be black?

What do you think that I lack?

Please open your heart, just a crack.


Is it a sin to be black?

To be good enough just for the sack?

Despite all the lies, I’m no Drac.


Is it a sin to be black?

I am cast as a ghoul in a Mac!

For crossing your path on the track.


Is it a sin to be black?

There’s been too much negative yack.

Please give me some hope now, to pack.


©Heidi Stephenson, October 2015

Black Cat Dish: Julie Goldsmith









By Heidi Stephenson

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