For the Ignorant

stop the bullshit,
and the fucking lies,
you want to solve climate change,
start a world war,
kill off two or four billion people,
problem solved,
but stop talking about carbon-less economies
and all the other feel good bullshit,
doing all these things,
even if things went 100% right,
won’t change a fucking thing,
climate change isn’t a climate problem,
it is a population problem,
and we have seen it coming for decades,
brilliant minds,
gutlessly masturbating in the bathroom,
instead of admitting the truth,
so just stop the lies,
and admit the truth,
we are fucked,
we all always have been,
we all are doing to die,
regardless of health care,
or social security,
or any other idiotic program the government creates,
instead of worrying, marching, and begging for help,
why not just relax and enjoy the day,
you are already fucked,
dying a little more each day,
so take a breath,
no worries,
be happy,
unless you were feeling horny,
ten or twenty years ago,
and grabbed some ass without permission,
then your troubles have only just begun.


Douglas Polk

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