This month Steam’s Jukebox Shuffle gets Groovalicious! One hour of funky psychedelic stuff and thing, and thing and stuff, and stuff and thing… dig it baby!

Lee Mason & His Orchestra – Shady Blues
Sly & the Family Stone – Dynamite!
Spirit – Fresh Garbage
Merry Clayton – Gimme Shelter
Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie and Clyde
Pugh Rogefeldt – Love Love Love
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Joe Cocker – Woman to Woman
Dave Matthews – Sitting Here On, A Tongue
James Brown – You Mother You
Dave Matthews – Put Your Thing On Me
Traffic Sound – Meshkalina
Funkadelic – Can You Get to That
Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66 – For What it’s Worth
Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23
Shirley Bassey – Jezahel
Paul Nicholas – Run Shaker Life



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