I, An Amarildo


“Eu, um Amarildo” (“I, an Amarildo”) is a short-length documentary directed and edited by Romulo Cyríaco, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which tells the story of Amarildo, a construction worker who was tortured and killed by the Military Police from the Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) of the Rocinha slums, south zone of the city, July 2013.


Direction and editing… Romulo Cyríaco
Photography director… Rodrigo Alayete
Cinegraphists… Rodrigo Alayete, José Abrahão Castillero and Romulo Cyríaco
Sound technician… Rodolfo Assis

23 minutes
Year: 2013
Final format: MOV H264, Full HD, 1920×1080

Romulo Cyríaco is director, screenwriter and editor of film and video, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Director of three short-lenght fictions films. In 2013 he released his short-lenght documentary I, AN AMARILDO, showed until 2016 by Canal Brasil. Romulo is also a film theory professor at Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro, besides being a film critic and a writer, having published, in 2010, a short story book. Recently, he releases his medium-length documentary BLACK BLOC IS NOBODY, and works in a full-length fiction film’s script, besides documentary and film exhibition projects.



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