I Have Learned A Lot

Francis de Aguilar 1

I have learned that
Parents are often helpless
Abusing unknowingly
Sowing damage blindly.

I have learned that
Children are as clay
In the world they live in
Modelled by circumstance.

I have learned that
Whenever I desire,
I cannot be sure why
I want what I want.

I have learned that
Most of the satisfaction
I have had in my life
Has been an attempt to mend myself

I have learned that
My generosity is suspect
Often more about me
Than about the receiver.

I have learned that
What I believe happiness is,
Is probably not going to work,
I cannot have the love I missed.

I have learned that
I am a good man,
But to know and not do,
Is to not know.

I have learned that
I have always known this,
But remained helpless
To offer myself love.

I have learned that
All I, or anyone ever does
Is to care for themselves
The best way they know how.

I have learned that
Judgement is at once
Ridiculous, inevitable
Essential and worthless

I have learned that
Intuition is a troubling
And treacherous friend
But a friend nevertheless.

I have learned that
Relationships are hard.

I have learned that
The only things worth learning
Are to be found inside me
Yet I rarely study there.

I have learned that
98% of what I have learned
Has been in the service of
Avoiding the 2% I need most.

I have learned that
That I have a lot to learn.

Written by Francis de Aguilar©2014
Art Nick Victor

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3 Responses to I Have Learned A Lot

  1. mikelesser says:

    I have learned
    That if you keep it simple
    And keep it true
    You write with diamond ink

  2. Francis de Aguilar says:

    Thanks Nick for the great picture and Thanks Mike for your kind words.

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