One day, driven by great happiness, i embraced Heathcote . I was sitting and he standing next to me . My head was at his chest level and spontaneously I felt his arms wrap around me. With his hand, he pressed me on his heart, so I clearly heard its beats. I told him, amused: “I’m happy to hear you alive!” Heathcote smiling said to me: “Are you listening to my heart? You will hear it for another 200 years. The world does not easily get rid of me!” And we laughed… You have not kept your promise. Your life force was too strong. You seemed immortal. You, you knew, you had the ability, to keep away the obvious certainty of being a human being. Maybe you said a lie, or maybe it’s true, because you are alive elsewhere. And not for another 200 years, but forever.



I loved you my darling special person Heathcote,  i love you now, and i will love you forever… I promise.





Elena Caldera

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