Kayapo Cleansing

This picture should travel around the world !!!
The ‘evacuation’ of the Kayapó-tribe – an indian tribe which is native to this place in the Amazon area in the Brazilian Mato Grosso has just begun. The building of the hydroelectric dam of Belo Monte is  ‘allowed’ now, in spite of numerous massive protests, and ignoring more than 600, 000 signatures petitioning against it!
This is like a death sentence for the people that live at the large riverbend of the Xingu River.  Belo Monte will flood and drown all in all 400, 000 hectares of rainforest – an area which is bigger than the Panama Canal.
40, 000 people of indigenous or local population groups are going to be displaced. The living space of numberless animals and plant species is going to be destroyed. All of this to produce electricity which could be produced more easily, effectively and luctratively elsewhere.
We have to wake up !
Please post it together with this English text and sign the following online petition to support the activists against the Belo Monte dam directly :

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