Margaret Thatcher died at the Ritz












Margaret Thatcher Died at the Ritz
by Anna Chen
8th April 2013

Margaret Thatcher died at the Ritz.
It fits.
Her blitz on the poor,
national assets thrust in the mitts
of corporate bandits.
Wealth trickled-down like a horse shits
undigested grain for birds that flit
round what its rear end emits.
Compassion deficit, dried out tits,
the country in bits, run by greedy gits.
Her fans omit the human price
of crimes her class commit.
Her legacy is the pits.
And she closed them as well.

Thatcher’s blue touchpaper stayed alight
til the nation was run by her acolytes,
she took a look at pauperised Brits.
said, “My work is done,” and called it quits.



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