Michael Horovitz Needs You


Under threat of being pulped by a leading UK book distributor, a mass of unsold copies of A NEW WASTE LAND, Michael Horovitz’s magnum opus, are in desperate need of raising & securing funds for a safely conditioned London-based storage space for these books & their companions, published in more generous times. At the present time 500 or so square feet are required, plus practical working space around that. Horovitz, dubbed by Martin Amis “a transmedial crusader”, is one of this and the last century’s leading poets, the link between the American Beats of the 50s, the 60s counterculture, and the constantly developing British traditions and practices that have developed since, and which the IT community treasures and extends. His New Departures Publications & Poetry Olympics Festivals have been among the quintessential publishers and promoters of new poetry & heterodox experiment in this country, so the preservation of this cultural movement is vital. IT asks its readership for assistance in both enquiring about space and/or facilities, along with the possible securing of funds or sponsorship. A working studio space in North, West or Central London would be the ideal outcome to maintain the continuity of this crucial work and body of voices. If you or any associates know of potentially suitable solutions, please contact Michael Horovitz at: michaelhorovitz@me.com OR 020 7229 7850.

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