New Book


Tales from the Embassy Vols I – II & III

 ‘The ideas we discussed in the sixties were not just
ideals: many people actually put them into practice.
These tales are the best account I’ve ever read of
trying to live that life. Written with a wonderfully light touch and yet often dealing with seriously challenging issues, this is a book that probes deep but will also make you laugh out loud.’

Barry Miles


 ‘Dave Tomlin’s collection of tales gives a vivid
picture of the counter-culture of those years at its
most engaging. I personally found the tales funny,
and often touching.’

 Diana Athill


Also reveals the secret history of the 1966 London Free School.

£12 per copy inc P&P. Cheque to:

D. Tomlin. 1a, Princes Court, 68 Pilgrim’s Lane. London. NW3  1SP



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