New Book – Liggers and Dreamers

Liggers and DreamersBy Josie Demuth
All illustrations © Jason Gibilaro
ISBN 978-0-9930141-4-7
Thin Man Press London

This very funny, entertaining and brilliantly observed book does for the liggers and hangers-on of the London art scene what ‘Extras’ did for wannabe actors, with equal aplomb, via its devastating wit.

Follow the ambitious antics of a group of colourful characters as they tirelessly make their way around London’s most happening Private Views and parties, homing in with varying degrees of skill and cunning to freeload on champagne and canapés “like a flock of seagulls”. It is the art of being seen and accepted, rather than a love of the often vacuous contemporary art on display, that drives them on. Their endeavours culminate in the challenge of accessing the most fashionable inner sanctums of the Venice Biennale.

Some very recognisable famous characters from the worlds of pop music and art also make an appearance, however much the author protests that any similarity is ‘purely co-incidental’. Josie Demuth has written a crackling social commentary for our times.

Claire Palmer
International Times



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7 Responses to New Book – Liggers and Dreamers

  1. Phil Starr-Mees says:


    Please tell me when and where I can buy
    Loggers and dreamers?


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  4. The Joker says:

    Some of these people like David Pun, James Dummer, Denis Doble, Eva Harold and Melanie Rochester are well known in London art circles and have been banned from all events for showing up uninvited and getting violently drunk. Matthew Steeples at the Steeple Times has written extensively about them.

  5. Amusedoflondon says:

    Which is ironic as the portrait on the front of the book looks a little similar to Matthew

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