New centrist party to unite all the shittest bits of UK politics

A PARTY that sat between the Conservatives and Labour on the political spectrum would be a strange hybrid of the worse parts of both of them, it has been confirmed.

Amid concerns that Labour are all scary Communists and the Tories have been irretrievably hijacked by hardline Brexiteer mentalists, it’s believed that a wishy-washy in-between party who are not called the Liberal Democrats could attract many voters.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Whilst the extreme end of any party is fucking weird, the alternative is the politically-anaemiccentre ground where no one has any strongly-held convictions.

“This means they’re likely all just in it for themselves, but you can’t tell because they look like ordinary people instead of obviously mad like Jacob Rees-Mogg or John McDonnell.

“One recent attempt has been funded by a group of multi-millionaires who probably don’t give a shit about politics but just want to stop Corbyn redistributing their wealth to the poor or Brexit shafting the economy.

“However, Tony Blair has endorsed the idea of a centrist party and he’s basically the opposite of Midas, in that everything he touches turns to shit, so the idea will probably just sink without a trace.”

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