Not the Otter

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Not the otter 
           In his sleek wetness of a world, 
Where he swims through 
           A black silk tunnel or water 
As if flying in air, 
Nor the song thrush in its 
       wordless faith in its feathered being. 
Not the magpies 
        Who terrorise that Terror of 
            a ginger tomcat who having strayed 
                 too close to their home our hedge, 
     Out flanking him as he bats 
           at them with his paw, 
               as they peck at his rear 
                  and he realises he has 
                      Bitten off more than he could chew. 
Nor the field mouse 
       Who fears not the reaper 
            Although the combine harvester 
                Cuts a swathe through her 
                      Cornstalk cosmos 
                          Its flashing blades 
             Threatening to end her little life 
                                  In a split second of steel. 
None of these folk of fur or feather 
     Have any need of such a thing as 
Only man needs this. 
     for he is with out doubt 
          the most inventive and 
                    ruthless of all Death’s helpers. 


Bill Lewis
Pic: Nick Victor



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