On my way to you



My cracked sole 

bleeds a little more 

with every 

bare step, I take 

on the boulevard 

of crushed rock 

as dense 

as your heart. 

The crossroad 

fronting us 

did mislead us apart, 

I’ll scatter seeds 

on the aisle 

for a blooming 

fresh start. 

And when your eyes 

crinkle into a smile, 

maybe they would, 

when you 

see me, my love. 

I’ll worship 

why I paced 

that further mile

the trail of flowers 

on our aisle 

and your beautiful smile.




Written by Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang
Illustration Nick Victor

Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang is a medical graduate from the north-east Indian state of Sikkim. With her tribal Nepali roots and deeply seated Buddhist beliefs, culture and mindfulness have both been active themes in her writing. 

Her poetry has found home in international journals and magazines, like Urban Magazine (June and September 2019 issues), ReadMoreCo, Headline Poetry, with work forthcoming in Tales of Reverie by Paragon Press and Just Milieu Art Zine. 

Her debut book, Ivory Gleam, was published by Leadstart Publishers, Mumbai, in 2018.

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3 Responses to On my way to you

  1. Krshnt says:

    This is just a beginning for Dr Priya Dolma Tamang. I am sure that in future, she is going to contribute a lot in the literary world and definitely occupy a special niche in it. I have read all poems of Ivory Glean. Each poem has very deep meaning

  2. Norden sherpa says:

    Its beautiful ma’am..but in my opinion the opening lines r too ovious…i felt…

  3. Sharon says:

    What a beautiful composition. Excellent use of end rhymes. I am in awe.

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