Only The Weak Man

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“The problem is a long-standing association between hunting large animals and masculinity…there are deep-seated cultural problems in Western societies, where such behaviour should be unthinkable.”– Associate Professor Eric Jensen, University of Warwick, quoted in:

And a response to ‘saint’ Paul’s infamous words:
“The weak man eats only vegetables.” (Romans 14:2)

Only the weak man kills;
Gets his thrills from blood spills –
Decimates, massacres.
Only the weak man.

Only the weak man hunts;
Substitutes the moans and the grunts,
Of the pleasured, for the dying.
Only the weak man.

Only the weak man destroys;
Unfathomable excuses employs,
Trap, bait, confinement exploits.
Only the weak man.

Only the weak man derides;
Mocks in contempt and divides –
Into “higher” and “lower.”
Only the weak man.

Only the weak man enslaves;
Dominates, subjugates…craves,
Devouring the flesh of another.
Only the weak man.


Heidi Stephenson
Illustration: Sue Coe

By Heidi Stephenson

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3 Responses to Only The Weak Man

  1. Dex says:

    So true, and very well expressed!

  2. JenP says:

    Very eloquent poem, and very pertinent to today.

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