David Erdos

anarchist liturgy

Jeff Cloves
Photo Nick Victor

Trump Sanctions Advertising On US Military Vehicles

Ethan Harrison

Blood Diamond

10 MAR 2017
Damian La Bas,
A.R. Thompson,
Niall McDevitt

A Compound For The Soul

David Erdos


Robert Montgomery


Ezra Elia,
Miriam Elia

Rise Up, Rise Up


Beckett’s Last Act

Extract from a book
by Mora Grey

Cambridge Student Burns Entire Fortune In Front Of Tramp

Ethan Harrison

In Memoriam, Tom Regan, Pioneer Animal Rights Philosopher

John Oliver Destroys Trump For Inventing Sweden Terrorist Attack


cYberBanX Collection of (mostly) Anonymous Art Works 5


Trump the Evil Baby

Elena Caldera

Ted X Brixton, ‘Why every school should have a spoken word educator’

Pete The Temp

Getting By

© David Chorlton 2017
Illustration Nick Victor

Plastic Ghost

Elena Caldera

On The Move

Maria Stadnicka
Illustration Nick Victor

Sisters of Reggae

Lucky Cat Zoe Baxter
Dubplate Pearl


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

La Morte Della Luna

Elena Caldera

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films To


The Statue of Liberty’s Burka

Heathcote Williams

‘Listen, Little Man!’ Revisited in the Post-Truth Era

Susan de Muth

The Miasma Monkey and You

David Erdos

Hunt: Waiting Times For NHS Privatisation ‘Unacceptable’

Ethan Harrison
NHS National Demo
Saturday March 4th

The Gender Ending Agenda…or The De-Sexing of Man and Woman

Julian Rose

Robert Montgomery Poem at the BAFTAs

Robert Montgomery

Behind Shadow– or, An Opera of the Mind     

Ed.Marc James Leger
Review: David Erdos

The Last Time I Hung Out With Ronnie

Hanja Kochansky

Great Flood 2030

Heidi Stephenson

My Room

Ezra Elia,
Miriam Elia

The 1%: JK Rowling Does Her Bit For Refugees

Claire Palmer

A Second Tory Party


Living In A Shit-Heap

Andrew Darlington
Illustration Nick Victor

Alex Nunns’ The Candidate

Interviewed by
Artist Taxi Driver

cYberBanX Collection of (mostly) Anonymous Art Works 4



Roddy McDevitt
Pic: cYberbanX


Heidi Stephenson

Happy Birthday Fabrizio De Andre

Fabrizio De André
Georges Brassens
Pic: Elena Caldera