More Trees, Less Assholes

Heathcote Williams
Pic: Claire Palmer

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace


John Perry Barlow

Community Garden

Rowan Middleton


David Erdos

Spring frost in Afrin: ‘Operation Olive Branch’


Stephen E. Hunt
Illustration Nick Victor

Direct Rule: In Peace with Foul Desire

Robert Sheppard

The Peter Green Story: Man Of The World



Hello Horror

Annie Anxiety

Avoid editing room Ae

Bogdan Pushlenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

RIP Stephen Hawking

Pic: Elena Caldera

Star Trump

Mike Ferguson


Mike Lesser

Niall McDevitt London Poetry Walks

19 Great Vintage Photos of Men With Signs


Robert E. Jackson.

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Darren Cullen

Poetic Graffiti

Robert Montgomery

CAIWU Demonstrating At Royal Opera House.


Tweeting Our Way to Oblivion

Julian Rose
Pic: Claire Palmer

Bob Dylan and Van Morrison Sing Together in Athens, on Historic Hill Overlooking the Acropolis



Mike Springer


Dave Tomlin
Pic: Claire Palmer

Unreleased Star Wars Merchandise Prototypes (1977)



Cottage Industries

Dave Tomlin
Pic Nick Victor



A Brief Compendium of Crazy Campers

Mary Frances Knapp

Doubling Down, or Just How Bad Are Ace Doubles, Anyway?


Thomas Parker

Leonardo Da Vinci’s To Do List

Jonathan Crow

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The Art of Dreams

public domain review

The Original Noise Artist:

Josh Jones

the ever hearing windsound

Bogdan Puslenghea
Pic: Samy Sfoggia

Food and Class

Dave Hamilton
Pic: Roger Wright

Getting Freakadelic.

Steam Stock

Send Words, Pictures, Music, Films


The Anarchist Jesus

Heathcote Williams
Video: Alan Cox


Maurizio Caldera
Elena Caldera

Anarchy Part11: The Great British Parliamentary Oligarchy


Merlin Pendragon

Rest of world ceases activity so BBC can cover snow


Parker Penn

Westminster Doors Flung Wide Open For Vulnerable Dead Beats


Ethan Harrison

The Weather

 Mike Ferguson


In print: 1952 – 2018

The Neolithic Watershed

Roy Hutchins
Illustration Nick Victor