There has to be an Afterlife

Heathcote Williams
Pic: Elena Caldera


David Erdos

‘More politics? How absolutely f**king fantastic’, says Britain

The Daily Mash

The Establishment versus The People

Josie Demuth

The Man On The White Horse

June 8th

Once Around Uncle Ho

Jan Woolf
Illustration Nick Victor

The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

The Corbett Report


Illustration Nick Victor

Lady Gaga & Prince William

Charity for Mental Health

Bilderberg All Star Awards

Chapter 6

Robert Montgomery

Love in at Handyside Arcade 1967

I Saw The Light: Reducing anxiety, stress, depression, more with shrooms

Illustration  Zane Campbell
Travis Kitchens

cYberBanX Collection of (mostly) Anonymous Art Works 12


Radiohead Don’t Play Apartheid Israel


We Are All Slaves

Elena Caldera

Iona Notebooks – New Book

Kate Walters

Dear Mary

New Book by
Rupert Loydell

The arms trade: a highly political issue in Switzerland

Mother: A Variation

Aida Amidi
Adapted by David Erdos
Illustration Nick Victor

23 First Lines of Decadent Novels I Will Never Write

Jeff Young
Pic: Claire Palmer

A Day at the Office

Maria Stadnicka
Illustration Nick Victor

Walled Garden

Carmel Cummins
Pic: Claire Palmer

A Murder of Crows part 5

Edward Barker

Done and Dusted

Rupert Loydell

Lucky cat’s cocktail hour

Zoe Cat Baxter

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14 Hours of Joy

David Erdos

Written for the April 1 14 hour super weird happening at the Florrie, Liverpool

John Row

Welcome to Kentucky

Daniel Sherrill
Illustration Nick Victor

Life After Death

By Chris Stone

 Two Judases

David Erdos
Art: Claire Palmer

The Trees

Robert Montgomery


Jay Ramsay
Illustration Nick Victor

Beyond a Failing European Super State – Deciding the Future We Want

Julian Rose

Satan Adores Donald Trump

Elena Caldera
Transl: David Erdos

Nasty Man

Joan Baez

Pleeeeease Learn Well

Elena Caldera

Two poems

Carmel Cummins
Montage: Claire Palmer

Berlusconi Saves Easter Lambs