Wires stick through my soul, my actions are controlled
Turning me from free man to puppet life suspended,
in puppet life

Your demands are my role,
lost in space and time I crawl for you
Once I had my own mind but in your sewer I was blinded
Wallowing around like an albino crocodile, in puppet life

I used to laugh and make the sun shine
But then you came and made me freeze
I haven’t had a friend for such a long time

Once my world was wild but clear
No-one over me to watch or overhear
Now I have only dreams to sell
I’m going cheap at the gates of hell,
at the gates of hell, hell

Our bodies can take no more
The fascist always ends up on the floor
Our day will come we pray,
I’ll be OK when I’ve been mended, mended
But until then I will be swinging on your rope,
with no hope
All I have, all I know are puppets.


Punishment of Luxury

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