Join us on Saturday 5th October to block roads and stop the Government’s changes to Legal Aid!

Their cuts have already devastated education, healthcare, welfare and housing. Now, the proposed changes to Legal Aid will take away our ability to challenge them and block all but the rich from access to justice. People will not be able to dispute unfair evictions, babies will not have their interests represented in family disputes, and the families of people killed in custody or detention will no longer be able… to fight for the truth.

This has nothing to do with saving money, the changes will cost the legal system more than they will save. By removing our ability to challenge it, this Government is undermining the rule of law, so that it can continue to push forward its austerity agenda. It is a historic attack on our rights, and we will not allow it to go unchallenged.

Blocking roads is a proven tool, the Government has not listened to protests or petitioning, and the time for direct action has come.

Join UK Uncut, DPAC, Defend the Right to Protest, Women against Rape, Plane Stupid, Kent Refugee Help and BARAC UK on Saturday 5th October!

See you outside the Old Bailey at 11.30am.


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