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EXCERPT from Rock Bottom:

I can only sustain life through the roots of experiment. All the experiments boil down to piling things up and knocking them down, binding them together and splitting them apart. Those two principles are ridiculously simple. But it’s the when and how, impinging on all – animal, vegetable, mineral, elemental, pure energy, that breeds myriad mysterious diversity. Stockpile and demolition, fusion and fission, forever catalyse, reflect, restrain, counterbalance. And every time my mind, so-called, concerns itself with action – applies itself, or is applied to anything  ostensibly exterior, it can always be sure of hitting one of those four bull’s-eyes of effect, but never of determining which one. And even when there is a coincidence, it may always be cancelled out by the next link in the great chain reaction, unbroken by eternity.

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