Siegfried Sassoon R.I.P.



Sassoon is buried in St. Andrews Church, Mells, Somerset. His father was an Iraqi Jew, his mother an Anglo-Catholic who liked Wagner’s music.

He converted to Catholicism towards the end of his life, under the influence of the priest and writer Ronald Knox who is buried nearby.


Photograph: Niall McDevitt




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2 Responses to Siegfried Sassoon R.I.P.

  1. Dave Tomlin says:

    He was known amongst his WWI fellows as ‘Mad Jack’ since he enjoyed going out on night raids armed with a cosh. He once destroyed a machine-gun pillbox single-handed but failed to report back, so losing an opportunity for his company to exploit the advantage. When they finally caught up with him he was laying down reading a book of poetry, and for this reason failed to receive a decoration for his efforts.

  2. Jolyon says:

    Monsignor Ronald Knox used to visit us at home when I was a nipper. A very eminent fellow, and quite fun too.

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