Signs of Life

These days planet hunting is all part of
a night’s work. “All I’ve got is what I’m
wearing now,” she said.  We bring in
contract labour as and when required

but knowing what’s at the centre is a
vital clue to knowing how it was built.”
Are we talking about the long arm of
coincidence? Why do things grow where

they do? We all want a little piece of
the action but neon signs are always
collectable and these creatures are
fiercely territorial. What is normal these

days? “The exact nature of the process
is not entirely clear to us yet,” she said.
Yet we’re a halfway house and the changes
in layout make all the difference. “What’s

an anomaly,” she said. We have other ideas
for creating space but the notion that planets
could change orbit was a shocking discovery.
“I build robots for fun,” he said. When did

you last buy a film poster? “Signs of life are
what we’re looking for amid the ruins”, he said.




Steve Spence

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