Sky Bright Promise


Misty nuclear horizons

In stripy cloudless moonsets

Distant promise deferral

Ancient amalgam acceptance

Proxima angels

Angle-less Mother warning tales

Cryptic cynical caution

The road is wet

Stables rotten

Dancing bovine through the shadow lands

Lines of lilac crystal prisms

Dome limitation

The cup and saucer worldliness

Blind allegiance

Vegetable laws


Subtle awkward intake

Bent bandaged landscapes

Hyper charged serenity

Escapism again

Thought-edged corners

Uncharted coercion

Simple force


Melt and merge

Bursts of the intangible

Gold and jewels

Defiant of time


Marmalade mingle

Antennae absurdity

Tidal pull string


Shock specter

Dashing clean

Brittle temporaries

Corner collisions

Crevice crevasse


Base remembrance


Stunned wronged



108 battles strong

And then some

Widening off

A smeary hiding

Left forever

Cold distillation


Jarring labyrinth

Lighted damp cornerstone

In the well

Sunken endless

Eternal circadian



Greg Fiddament
Illustration Claire Palmer



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