Star Spangled Nuthin!

Build the Wall! Lock her Up! Drain The Swamp!
Pop sloganeering from the Apprentice King
A roar of applause
This is high stakes un-scripted reality TV
‘People love me everybody loves me,’
‘The election is being rigged,’
‘I’m going to hire a Special Prosecutor to look into your situation.’
Are these the words of a ‘third world’ despot
No this is chalk talk from the silver tongued
‘Teflon Don’,
El Trumpo got control of litigation
Will shape the US courts for a generation
A bag of magic beans
For your blood bought liberty.


Saira Viola
Art: The Nightmare by Mark Bryan







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One Response to Star Spangled Nuthin!

  1. Dave Allen says:

    Snake oil. The bottle shure does look pretty, don’t it?

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