Tear It Up




is here to stay”,

she said. When

it comes to coins

it’s all about the

condition yet

drinks trolleys

are making a

comeback for

those who want

to serve in style.

“It’s time to stalk

the margins again”,

she said. You’re

not in biochemistry,

are you?” “Yet his

background is as

intriguing and varied

as his recipes”, she said.

As we draw near it’s

clear the nocturnal

scavengers have

been out in force.

Did I hear a hurdy

gurdy in there some-

where? Despite its

apparent simplicity

Summertime has its

hidden depths. Yet

the fish are jumping

and the cotton is high.

How many of these

rooms are occupied?

Here we have sound

clusters which create

a mood of density

and thickness. Once

you’re extinct there’s

no coming back.

“It ain’t necessarily

so”, she said.



Steve Spence


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