Trigger Mouth Blues

Trigger Mouth Bluesillustration: Elena Caldera


Talk faster baby

in the same key – pitch it right ,

for the audience tonight

sales speak comes easy –

to the red white and blue –

make them believe in

the American Dream

give them a slow word suck

on the land of the free ,

did your daddy play golf

with the President today ?

How many fix it men -in court- on Monday?

The anti God is hustling the streets

pedalling race hate and poverty ,

the monkey’s outta the cage

pulling the strings on the stage

changing the rules of the game –

dumb and dumber ,

the BADGE of pride –

headline news

expose celebrity feuds

slang -bang -jam the front page,

with toilet – drama and scripted rage

desperate to snatch a second of fame .

Truth is buried behind a wall of sleaze

billion dollar blinders protecting their greed

death bought and sold -a global design

democracy kisses bum steer the line

as millions of ‘martyrs’ are sacrificed,

and the privileged tower of white

corporate power continues to reign ,

Let it play ! Let it play ! Let it play !


Saira Viola




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2 Responses to Trigger Mouth Blues

  1. Tim Moorhead says:

    Saira Viola brings it yet again!! She does indeed have a gift of insight that she infuses with her unique style of writing which she shares in her creative works. This is brilliant!!

  2. C.A. Seller says:

    Saira Viola is my personal hero.

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