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We are extremely excited to announce the release of these two books. They’ve been a long time coming, and it’s a pleasure to see them make their way into the world. More information about each of them is below. Let us know if you have any questions.

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GRETA BELLAMACINA: SELECTED POEMS 2015-2017 is the most comprehensive collection to date from Greta Bellamancina. It gathers together poems from her sold out New River Press collection Perishing Tame with 14 new poems.

Bellamancina is a poet based in London, where in 2014 she was short-listed for the “Young Poet Laureate”. Her earliest collection Kaleidoscope was published in 2011. In 2015 she edited On Love, a survey of contemporary British love poetry from Ted Hughes to the present day, featuring the work of Wendy Cope, Emily Berry, Annie Freud, and Sam Riviera.

In 2016 she published Perishing Tame, “a dazzling meditation on motherhood, female identity, ennui, and love”, which she launched with iconic readings at Shakespeare & Company in Paris, the Albion Beatnik bookshop in Oxford, The Chateau Marmot in Los Angeles, and the ICA in London, as well as with radio readings for the BBC.

In early 2017 she edited Smear: Poetry for Girls, an anthology of new feminist poetry. Dazed & Confused magazine said Smear “unapologetically confronts self-image, body autonomy, and our relationships with each other, celebrating the imperfect, frank women”.

Spearheading a new generation of female poets Bellamancina writes with a liquid musicality and existential complexity, influenced by the French Surrealists, Sylvia Plath, and Anne Sexton. Perishing Tame marked her as perhaps the most significant new female voice in British poetry to emerge in the last decade. Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine said of her “Bellamancina is garnering critical acclaim for her way with words and her ability to translate the classic poetic form into the contemporary creative landscape.”



is a  survey of contemporary poetry from the Fitzrovia poetry publishers New River Press, featuring new work from over one hundred poets. The collection includes established names such as Heathcote Williams, Michael Horovitz, Jeremy Reed, Lisa Luxx, Jan Woolf, Jeramy Dodds, Salena Godden, James Massiah, Greta Bellamacina, Robert Montgomery, Chris McCabe and Niall McDevitt, as well as a host of emerging poets from around the world. The “Yearbook” is a collective portrait of the year that Trump and Brexit took hold and the poets paint a vivid picture of a culture and society in flux with strong doses of dissent and rebellious optimism.

As a truly new generation poetry press NRP assembled this book entirely via call outs on social media. The almost 300 pages of new poetry paints a collaborative portrait of our year in history with contributions from across Britain and from as far afield as Iceland and Pakistan. There are poems about the Grenfell Tower catastrophe, social media anxieties, the death of Heathcote Williams, and the rise of  Donald Trump. One highlight is a reflection on the war in Syria by 11-year old Lily Cheifetz-Fong, who writes with tragic wisdom beyond her years. Another is the manic genius of Jeramy Dodds, who is, in the words of Robert Montgomery, “out there bravely chasing after the new gods of our post-electric reality. He is ravaging the Wifi connections of our collective heartbreak, and our panicked wonder, for the truth about what the hell is happening to us.”

The New River Press Yearbook 2017/18 is an encapulation of our historical moment. A perfect gift for anyone fighting to find a language for their optimism in difficult times.


An exclusive poem from the New River Press Yearbook…
SEVEN SISTERS – Greta Bellamancina and Robert Montgomery You are beside me, winter trees, a comrade to the world, a home, the TV is playing war, we hope for peaceful sunlight.The children are dressed in black, they are throwing petrol bombs at the embassies, throwing electric flowers into the graveyards of capitalism.The philosopher is counting the slow candles of the icebergs, noting how many summers we have left. She is brilliant in her sunlight hat. Her chest is a pyramid.The president has retreated to the golf club, he rules in half sentences. Coughing up the 1950s his mind is a puddle where broken dreams sit on the rooftops of libraries.New weddings and empty churches, the minarets talk to the dawn before the sun lights up the city. The priests are whirling like dervishes in circles, they pinball off the walls, singing silence.Diana and the swan ride an open topped red London bus, the trumpets beside them play rave music, LSD trips to the sound brass bands. CCTV diamonds for Oyster cards.

God is bored of us now. She sides with the animals and the weather and they watch our digital alien rampage, with cool sad eyes.





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