Universe for a Dollar


Universe for a dollar


I saw
legends of rock and roll leave the clubs
and replace them with churches


and as they vanish,
junkies switch between gods
like between dealers


i saw free people
trade their Consciousness for a cheap relic,
a world in a puddle of money, drowned,
I saw


industry of night conquering the city
during police curfew,
obituaries beg for a picture of corn bread
I saw witches, feeble on their brooms,
Exasperated, frigid


i saw panic fear of cold
and called a soul by the name of an unborn disease
they gave me medicine for ordinary tears


i saw fields, like graveyards
hiding my comrades, debts in a box for rainy days


heroes bringing bread from landfills
cowards planting trash instead of rewards


rebellion on a list of new mental disorders
books once again engraved in the churchyards
the line of time skewed by friction of breaks


i saw
empty factories and workers buried there
crucified, forgotten


i saw night watchers, bloody eyed,
weighing their pray


children playing Wahabbies
playing elders in fast food restaurants


I saw


lands divided among brothers, divided to states,
split to genders, universes,
sold for a dollar


i saw prisons
with better living conditions


i saw slaves greet the down young
and grow old by nightfall


and that the choice of shoes is a proof of freedom

i saw people, stripped of everything,
being taught by villains to yell MORE!


i saw


a president saying he has been blessed
with a word from god
a senator playing poker
while an airstrike is discussed


i saw that passion is the only chemical weapon


i saw brothers and sisters lost by their home
find refuge in deserts


all the options are leaving
and back up history is coming out, printed


i saw life
as celluloid
and someone else’s boring dream
we live in


Siniša Stojanović Sinister
Pic: Nick Victor
Poem translated from Serbian by Tatjana Maksimović


Siniša Stojanović – Sinister

Born in 1981., Belgrade, Serbia.
He published three poetry books:
Mamonova Hagada ( Mamon’s Haggadah), 2009., publishing house Liber, Belgrade
Rovac u laži ( Catcher in the lie), 2011.,Liber, Belgrade
U raskoraku ( Standing in the gap), 2011., Liber, Belgrade

He was an editor of two poetry anthologies dedicated to regional (Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian) poetry and prose:
Bundolo Offline 2, 2009
Bundolo Offline 3, 2012 

He wrote book reviews for authors: Jasmina Susic, Damir Nedic, Snezana Ckoic…
He’s one of the founders and vice president of Poezin slem and spoken word poetry clubbing events organization in Belgrade and its surroundings.
He’s a musician and light, video and sound technician.
He hosted, edited and produced Poezin poetry radio shows in 2013. on the radio slepiputnik.com
He was published in various magazines and poetry anthologies in Balkan region ( Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina…)
He’s one of the members of Serbian writers’ association.
From 2012 he has a status of freelance artist.
Contact: sinisterdowner@gmail.com


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