You Know I’m Talking…Love & Christmas

Song: Martin Wilkinson/Mike Dorrien-Smith
Vocals and music: Martin Wilkinson
Electric lead guitar: Mike D. Smith
Video Photo Montage: Claire Palmer

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8 Responses to You Know I’m Talking…Love & Christmas

  1. Thanks Martin. Apart from it being a great song, as a fractal man, I can tell you I love the images too!

  2. Thanks Martin , love the song, great vocal, great guitar from Mike , and cool production, have nice Christmas Bill .

  3. Earl Diddley says:

    Martin Wilkinson is fast becoming one of the most memorable “elder statesmen” singer/songwriters in Britain. His passion for self-expression as a “three-minute hero” (‘The Selecter’) is both inspirational and noteworthy. He is currently – determinedly – moving “free verse” and “free time-signatures” to supplementary planes where they are slipped in-and-out of with consummate ease, and an ever-more-natural delivery. He is blessed with a dominant, assured, melodious voice, that smacks of “cognoscenti” – and should never fear, therefore, to make it clearly heard.
    Rock on, uh-huh!

  4. Lucy Dorrien - Smith says:

    Soooooo beautiful – Martin , Mike & Claire .
    What a wondrous creation for Christmas !
    PEACE , LOVE & HAPPINESS to you all at Christmas & forever🕊❤️😀
    Lucy & Robert XXX

  5. victoria hastings says:

    Thanks very much Martin. What witty soothing words to catch breath at home again with, after being swept away by ‘Christmad’ crowds. Terrific lead guitar too. Beautiful soporific film by Clare right in the eye of scary 2016.
    I will listen to you and your fellow players many times,to tide me over to 2017. Happy Christmas and New Year to all from us. Love Victoria and other Hastings

  6. Claire says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! A Happy Christmas and Love and Peace for 2017 to you all ❤️😀

  7. Marvin Firth says:

    Fantastic song Mike! You have all done a great job! Hope you have had a fantastic christmas and all the best for 2017! X

  8. Nick Hurt says:

    Definitely one of my favourite Christmas songs x

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