For My Poet

I am here for you, my love …
I am here for you when the world turns from us;
When the evil burns, it is I who will silence the flames.
I’m here for you, sweet love …
Speaking to your soul, with a voice as sensitive 
As the tongues, in our kiss. 
My blood will absorb your heart’s beat
With an intimate breath. 
My love, I can say and I can promise you this.
I am here for you, bright love …
Each thought will be free to play and to live
As your senses are warmed by the feelings I give.
I am here for you …
With welcoming smiles, tears and joy, with suggestions
In a vortex of love and a storm of emotion;
I am here for you …
To hold your hand and follow you,
To play my need for your life in a concert of passion,
To embrace and to stay; to become our joint destination.
I am here, but I am there with you also.
I will walk by your side,
I will be in and around you,
Death can’t divide us.
I loved you yesterday and today as I will love you tomorrow,
I love you my poet,
Through death’s deceit, you are trust.

Elena Caldera

Translated and adapted by David Erdos

Illustration: ‘Star Crossed’ by Claire Palmer

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    1. Heathcote was a kindlier Corso in our lives, more Sufi and better for it.

      Comment by Cy Lester on 25 February, 2018 at 11:48 am

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