Putin Calls Out West’s Pedophile Satanic Cult

Joe Biden’s creepy behaviour at US Senate Swearing-In Ceremony


World opinion of the West fell to its lowest notch ever recently when Russian President Vladimir Putin openly, and without any complaint, stated the euro Atlantic states were run by a satanic paedophile cult. At first glance any self-respecting westerner might take offence at Mr Putin’s rather controversial remarks as surely we (The West) are both the cradle of modern democracy and the upholders of international law but a mere ten minutes on the internet will prove that his accusations are spot on.

As neither Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump have done anything tangible to address what has become, as Mr Putin’s remarks show, a matter of international public knowledge, it only compounds the belief that elite paedophilia is now the gravest threat facing US politics. Adding further weight to the Russian premier’s claims in the UK only recently civil servants ‘lost‘ yet another dossier in the Westminster paedophile case this time containing details of 114 child sex offenders adding mounting speculation to claims of a cover up of a child sex ring operating in the heart of UK government. With an ex-prime minister {Heath}, ex-chancellor of the exchequer {Britten}, ex-manager MI6 (Hayman) plus hundreds of MPs and civil servants too many to list, all famous paedophiles, visiting the House of Commons has now become akin to attending a party at Jimmy Saville’s dirty old caravan and has prompted the question: should M.P. now stand for ‘Molesting Pervert‘?

Personally, I would rather not live in a country, or hemisphere, run by child rapists and it seems rather obvious that the only reason to have so many powerful politicians and government officials on both sides of the Atlantic compromised by their sexual peculiarities is because they are being manipulated by a foreign power. Who that could be is for you to decide but after watching the video below would you honestly want your child going to the White House, the beacon of world liberal democracy, where they are groped by one of the colossal perverts obviously operating there with total impunity? What a disgusting state of affairs and I haven’t even mentioned Satanism yet.

Joe Biden Sexually Assaults Children – YouTube

Oct 6, 2016 – Uploaded by Howard Johnson

Joe Biden at Senate Ceremonial Swearing-In; CSPAN. Odd and disturbing behavior. NEW VID: …


May 1, 2017 – Uploaded by TruthSeekerTV






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3 Responses to Putin Calls Out West’s Pedophile Satanic Cult

    1. The largest pedophile cult in the world is not from the west; it is Islam.

      Comment by J Rost on 20 January, 2019 at 4:45 pm
    2. The noose on the pedo regime present within UK intelligence agencies and their blackmailed slaves distrubuted throughout social institutions and wider society is tightening. They will have the world a dirty mutated slag heap if the people dont take action, using microwave weapons and menticide they will have every child “adultified” by the age of six ready to move in to the safe houses of these elitist filthy demented scum bags. The world will never fall to these bastards.

      Comment by EyesAreOpen on 16 April, 2022 at 7:28 am
    3. […] In light of U.S.-led NATO military interventions in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq, it is fundamentally dishonest to pretend that NATO’s encroachment on Russia’s western border is benign. But it is far more dangerous to ignore the truth that, in Moscow’s view, NATO expansion into Ukraine is inextricably linked with the extension of globalism to Russia. […]

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