Remembering You

Still in love and still here

I find I am wrapped in a whirlwind,

Warmed thoughts of you bring me comfort

As if I had been cradled by time.

Now too much has passed since I saw you last;

All is silence. And there is the pain of not feeling

Your ethereal arms wrapped in mine.


When you were still human, what joy

As I rested my head at your breathing,

My ear at your chest, where breath poems

Made a language of love through heartbeats.

I talked to your heart as you talked to mine.

Now I listen. Although it grows hard to hear you

In the cathedral of death love prays, speaks.


We were in our oasis in your room,

Despite the jungle around us.

Your hands stroking my hair were protection

Against the hurricane’s fast assault.

No storm could break, as we belonged to each other,

Written in time we were nature, as old as the world

And time’s call.


We were a symbiosis, solid. As if we had been a God project.

Fused in the marrow, entwined and alive to insight.

A connection that ran beneath the body electric;

“You are flesh of my flesh, bones of my bones, you’re my life”

Naturally, you were right, our energy shares the same source,

We are current: now you will live and flow through me

Like an angel’s pulsating wing, carved from light,


In its glow I find heat as I feel the love given,

An inexplicable knowledge, that in forming through flesh

Stays divine. In the dark, I hear words spoken to me

In our moments. They light the room like bright spirits,

Painting the walls, sills and door. “You are the reason I live,”

Is what you said. I remember. “And that is comforting for me,

Having someone I love to fight for.”


These words resonate to such an extent, there’s aroma,

Sweeter than life it survives it and all of death’s frozen air.

A promise destroyed by a cruel fate, I throw myself into battle,

An embittered warrior fighting for the primal source of my care.

Now I fight for you, as I live, and your perfect love drives me,

To emblazon your glory and our private legacy.

My ally. My Man. My Partner. My Poet.


You were the treasure for me and all of your family.

Which is everyone that you touched and everyone

You discovered. Beyond the material good your sweet

Spirit gives gifts to the grieving who, in grasping your love

Shall stand free. Let all who love you be rich.

As the reward of you is a diamond;

All at once it is perfect, and represents all this love.


And it is an infinite love, graced by the stars,

Primed by passion. And engraved on the stone,

That indestructible heart of existence,

That beats now in new language,

Studied on earth as I love you as it stems and flows

From above. I have your love. You have mine.

Death cannot separate us. Death failed.


Love still warms us.

I love you Heathcote.

Hand in glove.



Elena Caldera

Translated and adapted by David Erdos

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