Snowy soul

A footprint on the snow of a wounded soul can be so deep that it is never covered. But when this sign, on the whiteness of the spirit, is the sign of a presence of ardent love, the chill of pain will melt gently, the flame of this feeling cannot be extinguished, its task is to dissolve this bleak snow, because the shiver of mourning is not as strong as the warmth of what has been, it is not as strong as the sacred warmth of what still exists in another life, the ice of a torn heart cannot resist the sweet ardor of an indestructible love.

I wait for the snow to melt inside me, I await with confidence that the flaming footprint of your presence will rest on my inner land, that your angelic embrace will envelop me and warm me, turning ice into fresh water that can wash despair , and I look forward, with emotion,to no longer have doubts, to no longer know fear, to know that you are with me, as in the past, in the infinite, in a plot inviolable. I want to forget the pain, because there is no distance between us, there are no obstacles between you and me. Dissolve this snow and show me the road that leads me to you.


Pic and text: Elena Caldera

For Heathcote Williams   (15/11/2019)



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