4 event pieces by Yoko Ono


Lighting Piece

Music of the Mind

Cut Piece






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    1. Enjoyed these very much. I wasn’t aware of the Wrapping Piece and it was a real revelation. Cut piece must be Y.O.’s most enduring Event but it’s interesting to me that both sides of the process of covering and uncovering were–well–covered. So there’s a balance. Flying off the top of a ladder has always intrigued me and I had to smile at Y.O.’s invitation. There’s a playfulness in most Flux Pieces, though sometimes that playfulness can, over time, turn into something else. I remember seeing snippets of Charlotte Moorman’s cello performances on TV (comedy shows, etc.) in the mid-1960s–at about the same time that I was playing with my atomic power kit complete with cloud chamber and Uranium dust and radium pin “source”–now recognized as one of the most dangerous ‘kits’ marketed for children. One of her Flux events included her bra made of two small working televisions, which she plugged in and wore. I honestly wonder if that bit of technology did not lead to her untimely death. In a similar way, over time, Y. O.’s “Cut Piece” concept seems to find a darker expression in Marina Abromovic’s Rhythm O. Jesse

      Comment by Jesse Glass on 13 June, 2024 at 2:44 am

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