5G The Big Picture


Are we on the precipice of an unmitigated global catastrophe?

Are you conscious of many convergent factors, currently at play in the world, which could spell disaster? Or, if this kind of reasoning escapes you, can you, at least, feel it?

If so… you are not alone. There are many who are with you. And, I am one of them.

But, I fear, many have their eyes trained on the wrong target. Take you for instance… When you read my initial question did you automatically think I was referring to climate change? An impending environmental disaster of epic proportion caused by over-consumption? Did you visualise polar ice caps falling into the seas and ravaged rain forests?

The cold, hard truth is… it wasn’t.

What if I were to tell you the unmitigated disaster I’m referring to is much more gravely pressing and a much more insidiously dangerous issue? What if I were to tell you it referred to 5G induced deaths and chronic disease, accompanied by a surveillance state, which will strip away our privacy, our civil liberties, and take us one giant step closer to an extremely dehumanising way of life, where even our souls won’t entirely feel like our own?

For us to spiritually evolve we, very fundamentally, need to be able to exercise our own free will. We must be at liberty to make mistakes so we may learn from them. We must be free to issue in experiences which may not be permitted by a highly censorious State, and to question our beliefs as well as the authorities of the day. We must do all of this so that we may discover who we are and what part we will play in the grand scheme of things.

And, if this is the case, then, the question we should surely be asking now is… Will a 5G surveillance state permit spiritual evolution? And, if not, then why the hell are we barrelling, at break-neck speed, in that direction, without a single caution…?

These are just a few of the questions I will try and address in 5G :: The Big Picture

And, I will attempt to address them because I am not without hope. Everything can change in an instant, with a lot less effort than you might think! But, it’s words like these that are needed for the conclusion and not the opener… I mustn’t use them all up before I get there!

I recently asked Carne Ross, an ex-diplomat who was largely responsible for the diplomatic handling of the last Iraq War, and author of The Leaderless Revolution, clearly having abandoned all hope of diplomatic solutions to the woes of this world…

“Are you concerned about 5G?”

His response is very telling.

“I am concerned and do not think Huawei should be part of it in the UK or elsewhere. The surveillance state they have established is coming to us. If tech allows it, governments will do it. There’s always a reason.”

It’s not that Carne Ross agrees 5G is an issue, and that Huawei’s involvement in the UK 5G system installation should not be permitted, which I find disturbing. We are in complete agreement where these issues are concerned, as are all right minded individuals with any degree of real insight into the issue.

But, this statement from Carne Ross leaves me troubled, nonetheless. It’s the very starkness of the conclusion, “There’s always a reason”which I find both prescient and chilling.

And, it’s true. There is always a reason… But, what could that be where 5G is concerned…? The potential answers are undoubtedly problematical, leaving many of us feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Maybe this is why…?

3% of us are significantly impacted by wireless technologies or electromagnetic fields, (EMF). So much so, in fact, the Swedish government has made special provisions for people who have a hard time dealing with EMF. Not only do they recognise the condition of electro-sensitivity as a disability, they pay for people with EMF issues to have their homes made safe for habitation. It’s a costly affair!

Aside from this they are protecting children at school. If one child is reported sensitive to EMF they remove wireless devices immediately.

And, all this before the installation of 5G networks, which threaten to have an utterly disastrous effect on all living things if many of the most highly recognised scientists in this field are to be believed.

By some strange quirk of fate, the 5G tests performed by the US Telecoms giant, Verizon, are conducted on 220lb males, which represent 3% of the US population.

Clearly this is an entirely different 3% of the population to the 3% which Sweden recognises as being electro-sensitive!

But, maybe this is why…

No tests are done on females and children, which is also consistent with a lot of medical testing. In fact, because most medical tests are performed on males, anyone would be forgiven for thinking Big Pharma and corporate entities consider women and children of lesser importance to men? This, if nothing else, is perhaps testament to the modern world having lost it’s moral compass?

We have jettisoned the ideal of ‘women and children’ first; meaning women and children should be saved above all else, and once safe, only then should our menfolk be spared. In terms of preservation of the species this makes perfect sense. If numbers of the human race dwindled to the point where human extinction were possible, it would only take a few healthy men to inseminate many women, to once more grow our numbers.

But why is chivalry so patently dead? Could this new outlook actually be indicative of an infantilisation of our adult population? Perhaps the ‘me, me, me’ excessive consumerism of the last few decades, even to the extent of creating crushing personal debt, as well as the emergence of widespread gaming among large swathes of the adult male population, has prevented a lot of men from fully maturing into adulthood? A sense of responsibility to self, spouse and offspring, when genuinely felt, is all part of an emotional maturity when men ‘put away childish things’. 1

Could it also illustrate a prevailing opinion there are too many people on planet Earth at present, so there’s no need to protect the species? Our own, at least!

There are quieter voices of reason, however, which say there’s enough food to feed us all, and that it’s this scale of population within a capitalist financial framework which is unsustainable. The incessant need for growth to maintain the capitalist model, which demands the increasing use of dwindling resources, is patently what isn’t working… for most of us, at least.

There are, of course, some who are making so much money, and enjoying such extreme levels of luxury, that they would prefer a considerable reduction in the world population rather than forego their privileges. And, it’s these factions amongst the wealthy elite, all of whom have easy access to the mainstream media, who are likely disseminating the notion of over-population as being an environmental issue. You know, Bill Gates et al.

Now, I don’t know how many economists there are within the climate change movement, but judging by how readily so many environmentalists have embraced this slant on the situation, I would estimate there aren’t very many.

Whatever the case, the sad reality is, children who are still developing are much more at risk from the negative impacts of wireless technologies, such as; 2G, 3G, 4G and the altogether different 5G. And, it is foetuses, in their mother’s wombs, who are most susceptible to the crippling side-effects of these radiation emitting devices. Unsurprisingly, since the advent of wireless technologies the life expectancy figures decelerated to a downward trajectory for the first time in a very long time. Children being born this century will not live as long as their parents, despite all of our wealth and technological advancement… or, perhaps, precisely because of it!?

“Yes, yes, yes, but you’re forgetting all of the positives!” I hear you exclaim…So, let’s forget all of that nay-saying, kill-joy information for a second… and let’s look on the up-side.

What will 5G mean to you? Perhaps it means the opportunity to download feature length films in a matter of seconds instead of a couple of minutes? Or perhaps it means, despite living in the sticks, you are finally going to get some reception at home for your very expensive Smartphone?

Drooling already?

Well, add to that, self-driving cars, drones, virtual reality and the internet of things and you’ll find yourself with a cornucopia of stuff you’ve never had before.

And, maybe all that sounds great… but… before you get all excited about playing online scrabble with your mate in the USA, whilst you sit, with your feet up, in your armchair in Lower Peover, please read and absorb the following, and then tell me your answer…

You didn’t think I was going to spend the rest of the article waxing lyrical about the upside did you? I’m sorry, but the consequences of this technology is potentially way too dire for me to do that… Allow me to explain…

5G is the latest generation of wireless technology. It is being sold to us in terms of faster download speeds and blanket connectivity. This news is manna to a largely addicted populace with an ever more voracious appetite for all things digital.

Claire Palmer: 5G Adam and Eve

The internet is the new ‘opium of the people’… but, what are we personally surrendering in order to feed our most consuming addiction?

The answer is simple. We are surrendering our civil and human rights, our privacy, and, where social media is concerned, we are often surrendering our dignity.

But, as with all serious addictions, we are also surrendering something else.

As with all serious addictions, we are surrendering our health.

Addictions almost always result in an untimely death.

Addiction is the ultimate leveller of man. It doesn’t care whether you are found in a public toilet with a needle hanging out of your arm, or in a Chinese internet café, wearing a nappy, slumped over your keyboard after an uninterrupted five-day gaming session, with your mouse clasped in your cold, dead hand.

It also cares naught for the untimely termination of your multi-million pound, Oscar-winning acting career, or for your disinheritance and defamation, as the disowned son of a Lord, who died ignominiously at the age of 39.

Addiction can claim you from any height.

The technological world has grown to epic proportions in a very short space of time. Our appetite for the internet is more voracious than it is for anything else.

Powerful industries, like print media, including our newspapers and magazines and such, have practically been swallowed whole by the internet. These days our mainstream media is delivered to us via the news aggregating home pages of tech giants like Yahoo and Hotmail, (owned by Microsoft). These busy, colourful aggregated news pages easily hijack user attention, in an increasingly ADHD world.

Tech giants are thus determining the news we are fed, which means they are controlling the global narrative. There’s an apparent and disproportionate emphasis on tech news, would you believe it(?), all with a tendency to support continued technological advancement. The tech giants frame their industry news in exciting and positive terms. It’s very much a self-serving system. One might even suggest it’s monopolistic!

But then, you see, the machinations of the human mind have been exposed, leaving those in the know, to see and understand, how those who control the narrative will control the outcome of any given situation.

We have not, however, known it for long. It was only the work of people like Sigmund Freud, in the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds, which hinted at how our minds could be so controlled by propaganda.

Then, Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who coined the phrase “engineering of consent”, took these psychological insights to a whole new level.

The manipulation of the masses was a tool with which he orchestrated the amassing of great personal wealth.

In 1920’s America, Bernays used Freud’s insights to mount extremely effective PR campaigns on behalf of his clients; a mixture of corporate and political interests as well as some of the biggest names in entertainment at that time. His success brought wealth, which both created and attracted power. This permitted him to rub shoulders with all of the ‘power families’ and prominent politicians in the major cities across America. In fact, he was tasked, by the government of the day, with steering public opinion on several occasions, making him the master puppeteer of the twentieth century.

But, how was Bernays so effective? Disliked and outraised by established society in his native Austria, it took a move to the United States to provide the right environment for Bernays particular talents to gain free-reign. With so little heritage, and no established wealth, America, in the early 1900’s, was a playing field where there was everything to play for.

It was egregiously aspirational, with everyone scrabbling ‘to get ahead’. Power plays and adroit handling of commercial products brought hefty rewards to key stakeholders. It was easy for Bernays and his team to appeal to the subconscious desires and base instincts of the American public, fashioning them into consenting little consumers, ready to snap up the latest labour-saving gadget, or “penial extending automobile”.

Had this remained contained within America we would, most likely, be facing a very different future. But the secrets of mass manipulation were out of the bag, and there was an increasing appetite amongst the business world to make more and more money. So, guess what? We were all going to get suckered into the game, whether we liked it or not! America, the most prolific imperialist force the world has ever seen, exported the creation of desire all around the globe.

The notion of creating a problem in order to fix it is what fuelled the advertising agencies of the 1960’s. Again, by appealing to our base instincts and deep-seated insecurities, there has been a wholesale corporate take-over of the world, all aided and abetted by firebrand advertising execs.

Constantly being told we are inadequate and of insufficient stature, a predicament which can, of course, be remedied by the excessive consumption of a whole bunch of products, is a very effective way of selling stuff that nobody needs and keep them coming back for more.

But even more cynically, Bernays tactics were the driving force behind the third Reich, Hitler and the Nazi propaganda machine, as well as every other political manoeuvre, and election campaign, ever since. We’ve had fear and self-deprecation insidiously drummed into us since the moment we were born, because our undoing is what gets other people a lot of what they want. And, what they want is everything that you’ve got!

Truth was clubbed to death by avarice and we’ve not seen it since.

Nevertheless, there surely has to be some truth in the old adage, ‘only the good die young’, when we realise Bernays died in 1995 at 104 years of age.

Fast forward to the twenty first century to see how corporate manipulation and coercion has pretty much secured a comprehensive win for Neoliberal Capitalism. People are dying in stampedes on Black Friday, around the globe, in order to feed their consumerist addictions, usually for high value tech items of mass indoctrination, like widescreen TVs. And lobbyists, who are writing our statutes, have bought and paid for our governments, leaving the corporates to rule the world with gay abandon. It’s a deregulated free market, free for all!

And, no-one appears able to escape the beguiling tales of enhancement, empowerment and ease of life… we are all sailors to the siren, it seems… The tech giants are in control of the narrative, and that can only mean one thing… Technology is going to save us all!


Technology is going to save us because that’s how it works. Remember, it’s the ‘Ad men’ who create the problem, so the corporations can solve it for us. (It’s going to cost mind!)

Now, this is the part of the story where everyone needs to tread a little carefully, or else we may do some grave and irreversible harm. It’s in no-one’s interest to alienate anyone, most of the time, but it’s especially true at this moment in history.

If ever there were a time for us to come together, then this is it!

However, it’s important to acknowledge there’s growing speculation climate change has been engineered to levy congestion charges and for increasing the cost of petrol, thereby making everything more expensive.

There’s murmurings we’ve been served a ‘green tax’ which will break the camel’s back!

Scientists are represented on both sides of the argument saying the world is heating up, albeit for very different reasons. And, of course, there’s some saying it’s even getting colder… well there would be, wouldn’t there!?

So, the scientists are all in agreement around ‘the fact’ climate change is happening, but there’s absolutely no consensus as to why this is the case and which direction it’s even going in…

C02 is the popular option for the Al Gore’s of this world, with others, who remain less popular, citing geo-engineering, also known as chemtrails, and other sinister, top secret, military and governmental activities… and then there’s the ones who are determined to buck the trend by convincing us the world is getting colder, who are just, pretty much, standing there pointing and saying, “did you see the amount of snow over there?”

Of course, that’s not exactly a true representation of where the climate change dialogue is at… but it might as well be!

Let’s not ever forget, where’s there’s money, there’s never an opinion offered without an agenda! This is certainly the case when there’s really big bucks to be made.

That’s why environmentalists are all on board for the 5G roll-out!

Sadly, the green movement’s movers and shakers have been sold the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution, or 4IR, as 5G technologies alongside AI are being coined… and they have bought into them big time! 4IR will, indeed, save the world if many of the environmentalists are to be believed… But, how many of the green welly brigade know what they’re buying into? What is it exactly?

Well… 4IR is characterised by a fusion of technologies, which come together synergistically, and ultimately support 4IR’s own rapid evolution. So, it’s the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy… or at least, one of those Perspex, oil and water executive toys that, near as damn it, supported perpetual motion back in the 80’s, long after the exec’s had fallen into Chablis and coke stained stupor.

4IR blurs the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres, integrating all in ways which sci-fi films have insinuated would likely be part of our future. Well, the future, my friends, is well and truly here.

4IR is all about the creation of cyber-physical systems, which is being increasingly normalised, within modern society, all facilitated by humanity’s ever-increasing reliance on technology… a reliance which, let us never forget, has become an addiction of global proportion…

We have all been seduced into taking our computers off our desks and into our laps. From there we have been lured into holding them in our hands and wearing them on our wrist… with the only logical step left being the implanting of a chip in close proximity to our brains, just like we have done with our pets.

The inducement for all of this technology and expense, will ultimately be, you mark my words, the fallacy of increased security and safety… a formidable ‘saving of the day’ in the ‘eleventh hour’ by our heroes… a tech giant in an immense cape and his side-kick AI boy, having effected it’s own aquatic upgrade before chewing it’s way out of it’s watery grave.  But remember, we can only be saved if our lives are in danger… which is why we have been fed the politics of fear, the war on terrorism and why nationalistic spirit has been whipped up into a fetid frenzy, causing xenophobia and an ugly distrust of anyone who doesn’t look like, or sound like, a complete clone of ourselves!

All the enemies have been lined up in an identity parade, looming large through a heavily manipulated mainstream media magnifying lens, terrifyingly far too close for comfort. This is the most appalling line-up the world has ever seen. It’s as bad as it gets, that’s for sure.

But no! Thrust on to the end of the line, chained, bound and gagged, clad in orange… hoods over their heads, two tortured subjects… Once cajoled, yanked, shoved and tugged into position their hoods are forcibly removed. The audience gasp as the oldest enemies to our survival are unmasked.

Man has waged a war to control these arch enemies for millennia. We have used incantations and magic to appease them, even sacrifice… machinery and manpower to make them yield, and we have waged universal chemical war on them to subjugate and abuse them, and, in most cases we have succeeded.

Who could not feel the horror of being so close to these enemies of humankind? Even still they leer and squirm, taunting us to the edge of our reason into an altogether hysterically frenzied state. But surely this has to be the death rattle of both? Or could the longest war in human history continue on? Can the Environment and our Climate still persist in defying man’s attempts to bring them to their knees?


What on earth are the Environment and the Climate doing in this God-forsaken line-up? They have no place amongst Drugs, Cancer, Smoking, Drink Driving and Sex Before Marriage… and then, of course there’s all the other usual suspects, which all come under the unifying term of ‘terrorist’… The Taliban, and Muslims in general, People of Colour, People Who Sound Different, Whistle-blowers etc, etc…

But oh! See how our saviours swoop in to save the day. Oh yes, here’s our tech giant, and his minion flying across the sky to put us all straight…

“Here stand the wrongly accused’ they exclaim in unison as their feet touch the ground. Placing their fist on their hearts, as though saluting the American flag, they vow to save these degraded, belittled and persecuted innocents from our Neanderthal farmers and the likes of Monsanto. (Isn’t it quite breath-taking that Monsanto is being so rounded up and thrown under the bus, when only ten years ago it was poised in the position the tech giants now occupy? Monsanto was going to feed the world and our ever-increasing population… but instead it just gave shed-loads of us cancer… Oops!)

So… The stage has been effectively set for this ‘Johnny come lately’, which is the latest immensely high cost industrial output we are being sold as the ultimate solution, once the public have decided to wake up enough to say something along the lines of, “errr… wait a minute mate!” Until then we will be fed the ease and efficiency with which everything will operate once we give all of responsibilities and freedoms over to these technological behemoths.

The self-driving car needs 5G to work en masse. But who really wants one of them? Especially when the reality is, far from improving safety, they can be hijacked by terrorists in an instant. (Remember how the invasion of Iraq was to save us from WoMD, but ultimately gave birth to Jihadi John? It’s pretty much the same principle operating here…) Yeah, but… imagine punching your destination into your sat nav, and then sitting back and having a nap. Isn’t that just your idea of heaven?

No, me neither!

Do you remember the Smash ads? For some reason that’s what comes to mind when thoughts of self-driving cars arise. It’s my mind making up it’s own metaphor… And, it makes sense. The ad is for a product which looks and tastes like chalky dog shite, with a bunch of humanoid cutesy-looking androids laughing their cutsey little arses off AT US! The source of their mirth, the mere idea of eating a real potato, with vitamins and all, instead of boiling a kettle and adding hot water to dehydrated white pellets we’ve poured out of a plastic sachet into a bowl. The narrative is spelled out for us… there’s no intelligent life on earth until we adopt a synthetic way of life.

Now, if that’s not a metaphor for our times, then I don’t know what is. But, I never felt more free than the day I passed my driving test, and I love being behind the wheel. I don’t want to be infantilised, homogenised, synthesised and popularised. I want to be who I am, and I want to do stuff for myself. And, I want nature to do it in!

Did you know you can’t apply for universal credit offline? And, did you also know, you need a really recent, high-spec, mobile phone to apply to stay in UK if you are a foreign national…? We are all becoming ever-more dependent on wireless tech… and that’s a very divisive thing. High-end tech is expensive and, therefore, socially exclusive… but look hun, that’s the point!

Why have we been villainising the poor and infirm…? Benefits Street reaching in and pulling up everyone’s ire.

And then there’s the criminalisation of the act of feeding the destitute, as they have in America and the UK.

Growing numbers of vulnerable homeless people are being fined, given criminal convictions and even imprisoned for begging and rough sleeping, the Guardian can reveal.

Despite updated Home Office guidance at the start of the year, which instructs councils not to target people for being homeless and sleeping rough, the Guardian has found over 50 local authorities with public space protection orders (PSPOs) in place.

It has never been more so the case, that social exclusion tangibly equates to a state of destitution which could very easily lead to starvation. There is an unlikely parallel in China, where smart fridges and TVs are spying on their owners, and where comments deemed unacceptable by the State will lead to a loss of social credits, which has already left 23 million Chinese unable to get a job, rent a flat or buy a train ticket, and will ultimately lead to starvation unless there’s someone willing to feed the dispossessed. All because the technology these people have paid hard earned cash to purchase has been used to spy on them in their own homes by the state. Social credits having been deducted for every perceived slur and anti-establishment sentiment expressed…

But will China make the feeding of the homeless illegal as is happening in the USA and UK? Considering their genocidal tendencies in Tibet, where over a seventh of the population were slaughtered, and 90% of all the universities were raised to the ground, leaving Tibet without doctors and other vitally important professionals, with many people fleeing across the Himalayas to the safety of India, including the Dalai Lama. The women who remained were forced into arranged marriages with Chinese men, thereby almost completely ethnically cleansing and destroying the culture and spiritual heritage of a sovereign nation, which the West now refers to as the part of China with exceptional mineral wealth.

I have heard the Dalai Lama being demonised as far as Malaysia with my own ears. Oh Bernays, that propaganda machine works so well in any language.

23 million people equates to more than a third of the population of the UK. In fact, it is equivalent to the amount of people in the UK who are purported to be on anti-depressants, as well as being approximately representative of the adult working population of the UK.

But, how has this level of inhumanity crept into society without the rest of us declaring, “I am Spartacus?”

Well, we have psychological experiments to thank for that as well… but, this time it’s Milgram and not Freud who has exposed our weaknesses…

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures comprised a series of social psychological experiments conducted by a Yale University psychologist, Stanley Milgram. The willingness of study participants, men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education (yes, Telecoms, Big Pharma, and science in general doesn’t favour women!), were measured when they were asked to obey an authority figure who instructed them to inflict electric shocks on subjects who were visibly experiencing the most extreme form of distress as a consequence. In issuing these electric shocks it became evident the participants were performing a task which conflicted with their conscience, but still they allowed themselves to be persuaded by the authority figures. Participants were led to believe they had to administer electric shocks to a “learner”, who needed the shocks to correct and refine their responses. The fake electric shocks gradually increased to levels which would have proven fatal had they been real.

The experiment found, unexpectedly, that a very high proportion of men would fully obey the instructions, albeit reluctantly.

The success of the experiment hinged on there being a right and wrong response by the subject, with an electric shock provided until the subject altered their response to the correct one.

And the moral of the story is… If ‘they’ are wrong then we are helping them by punishing them…

So, applying the principle to modern day events; the homeless, the feckless and the loose-lipped all get to be socially excluded until they die of starvation.

Doesn’t it all smack of very basic Third Reich tactics? Demonise the socially disadvantaged, and then…

Tech is causing and ensuring all sorts of divisions. The haves and have nots are just the beginning.

Barack Obama passed legislation which permits drone strikes on US citizens, and there’s a trade agreement coming from the US which will permit corporations to sue the UK government for any loss of earnings, if the UK government would have the temerity to stand up to the US tech giants. But, seeing as they are all career politicians, there’s not likely to be any resistance, unless of course, the tech giants want to pick up a little jackpot of tax payer money before proceeding on to world domination… A court case can be arranged precisely for those purposes.

But, what you must understand is that, by the time the US government, in cahoots with the UK government, along with the tech giants, are all ready to take advantage of all of their preparations… the world is going to look like a very different place. And, it will do so all of a sudden… and there will be nothing to be done about it. Not least because it will be practically game over for quite a few of us.

Net contributors will enjoy a stay of execution, but net beneficiaries will disappear from the public gaze. There is a strong possibility we are being divested of our humanity to facilitate this end. And, it’s not all supposition… it’s an ongoing trend!

What else do you think it means when the far right is rearing it’s ugly head all over the show!?

More evidence for this trend is the holding of a fellow journalist Julian Assange, who has already been subjected to a situation where he couldn’t enjoy direct sunlight for over seven years and is now suffering from failing health. If extradited to the US he will face charges which cumulatively will amount to 170 years in prison if convicted… But who is the US to subject Assange to a judicial process? What if Assange had published accurate information based on secret information he’d obtained from a source revealing the barbarism of North Korea or China or Russia?

Julian Assange has not been and, I venture, will not be accused of publishing a single piece of inaccurate information. He has only ever told the truth.

But, as Ron Paul says in relation to Assange, whilst attributing the quote to Orwell… “Truth is treason in an Empire of lies.”

When our policy makers are corrupt and in thrall to unregulated entities who do nothing but exploit and plunder, tanking our economies, devaluing our assets and creating mass unemployment, after which they are all roundly rewarded for it… instead of being severely reprimanded, (i.e. banged up for fraud)… what do you think the tech giants are hoping for…?

Well, they want you to pay for the technology which will ultimately imprison you, steal your job in circa 90% of cases, whilst enriching themselves as you continue to suffer… Sound familiar?

In a way, I say ‘good luck’ to them. Because, if we are stupid enough to let it happen repeatedly then we don’t deserve any mercy!

Also, I am of the mind that money and tangible things along with rationality are all of little importance where our souls are concerned. We can’t take any of that with us when we’re gone.

And, if you believe when we are gone we are no more, then may I suggest you fight the tech giants for all you are worth?

If there is a spiritual dimension to your existence, then I would say this… progress is not only moving us further away from ‘the truth’, beware, it is also clawing us away from our own ‘personal truth’ as well. The more sophisticated our societies become in terms of technological advancement, the greater the divide, and the further our removal from our true drives we become. Because we have the appearance of still having a free will, all of these advancements must be chosen and paid for… but, it’s the ‘engineering of consent’… the appealing to our base desires and insecurities, which is turning us into shallow, neurotic ravenous consumers of things by the big multi-nationals, who themselves have an insatiable appetite for profit. Their addictions feed our addictions and all is dissolute.

The debasement of society and the prevalence of addiction all points to a society within which we sold our free will for a trinket and a bauble. Some would say we are eating from the Tree of Knowledge and losing our integrity… This is, after all, the age of information-overload, where confusion reigns and within which we have traded our sense of self for worldly knowledge and subsequent overwhelm… all the while technology just gets bigger and more all-consuming… it’s joining it’s own dots and becoming the internet of things… Omnipresent and all-seeing… just like you know who!

But the IoT is most certainly going to be a vengeful God… if China is anything to go by! Don’t forget, “there’s always a reason”.


Rachel Wild


This is the first part of a two part 5G feature. The second part will be available soon and will cover our spiritual impoverishment within an increasingly rational, tech-focused reality and how 5G as a weaponised system, may be used to twist our bodies and devastate our minds. It will also bring to light the growing body of scientific proof which now unquestionably points to wireless technologies causing many degenerative neurological conditions as well as Autism, ADD and ADHD, along with cancer and mental health problems. 

It will conclude we are currently on a collision course with a devastating outcome, but that a shift in focus and consciousness, along with the jettisoning of outdated financial models in preference for a society which consumes less and shares more, could lead us back to where we need to be to be truly fulfilled and fully self-knowing.

About the author

Rachel Wild is passionate about exposing the risks of wireless technologies. As a professional writer she has published most of her work online. Journalists commit to long hours to meet draconian deadlines. The mental stress, coupled with the physical stress of being exposed to large doses of EMF and EMR, have left her so depleted she has had to abandon her writing career three times, with year long breaks in between. She can now only work on computers on a very restricted basis.
Her main preoccupation these days is Wild As The Wind, her fledgling essential oil and facial oil business, which she also uses as a vehicle to educate and inform as many people as possible about the shortcomings of conventional medicine and how stress is our biggest killer.
Her essential oils and blended products are already proving to be profoundly healing in ways she hadn’t envisaged, with a growing number of testimonials illustrating this very effectively.
She advocates the use of Rosemary Essential Oil to protect our DNA from the damaging effects of wireless technologies.

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    1. A good beginning! Not a word of which is in the press. Makes sense to a High Church communist.

      Comment by Cy Lester on 8 June, 2019 at 2:07 pm
    2. Having worked in Physics and medical research for many years it was well known that brain tissue performs as a very good detector at millimetre wavelengths which are used in 5G. Experiments shown here in this released CIA document of Soviet experiments using those wavelengths.


      Comment by Dave Lawton on 10 June, 2019 at 5:51 pm
    3. Thanks for your comment David… it’s very much appreciated. It will help inform the concluding part of this article. I may refer to your comment and even reproduce it within the second article… I hope that’s okay…?

      Comment by Rachel Wild on 4 July, 2019 at 9:42 am
    4. I venture to say the root cause of all this is the belief in economic growth.
      Our societies are unable to function without economic growth.
      Economic growth is linked to risk aversion and capital retribution.
      Investors and risk takers do not like to lose their stake, to the point that our societies have managed risk way down.
      They have do so by ensuring low interest rates and low, but non-null, inflation.
      This has many benefits, but the ensuing quest for revenue also has most of the consequences depicted in Rachel’s article, essentially creating economic activity and output for non-core goals.
      Whilst it is true that freedom is a good thing does it follow that freedom to imagine, make and market products is too?
      May be not so when the game is biased towards generating output to lower overall risk.
      That’s where it gets a tricky, I’d need more time to think those aspects through.
      Regardless, in the light of the social and climatic overheating, it seems clear that our societies should refocus on the sustainability of economies with falling prices and/or falling output, and probably also falling efficiency.
      The consequence would likely be deflation and high interest rates but I’d be careful before making this assumption as this is so complex to predict.
      There would probably be some unemployment until the system readjusts.
      I predict an Economics Nobel prize will be awarded some time in the future to someone who successfully solves this problem or significantly contributes to framing it.

      Comment by philippe therond on 25 June, 2019 at 10:04 pm
    5. I am glad someone has commented on the economic issues which underpin the whole issue. I will go into more detail on this in part two of this article, which will be coming soon. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to watch the brilliant feature length documentary, made by a brilliant economist, Ross Ashcroft…? The Four Horsemen :: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fbvquHSPJU&t=118s

      Comment by Rachel Wild on 4 July, 2019 at 9:32 am
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    7. https://youtu.be/_AY56fZOc-Q

      Comment by Editor on 30 June, 2019 at 11:59 pm
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    9. Interesting article here

      Comment by Claire on 15 October, 2019 at 12:50 am
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