Blow me but I can’t remember if I’ve got amnesia or not
It would be a good idea to keep a journal so everything is not forgotten

Today is kind of a sad day
Lots of people have turned out to pay their respects
For he was indeed one of the best and most devoted Deputy Mayors
In a long line of Deputy Mayors

The business is doing well in the more than capable hands of the remaining children

The lark and song is probably somewhere around because it almost always is
In spite of the presence of former schoolmasters who are now writers and grumblers
And who know quite a lot about books and craft beer

There’s nothing I hate more than cold buttered toast
That, and standing outside the supermarket in the rain waiting for a taxi

Of course things can go wrong, things can always go wrong
We all need at least a modicum of care and attention
I don’t deny that

It’s good to have someone to talk to even if all they do is pretend to be listening

We were looking forward to gathering for drinks on the veranda but
“The sky was abloom with stars . . . .
In the faint elusive light flitter-mice were whirling about . . . .”
At times people can drive you bats
Other times one is overwhelmed by an overwhelming sense of love for one’s
            fellow men and women

It can be difficult to know for sure if he’s being ironic or not
Our hero certainly has previous on that score


Are we daunted, Joe?
You bet we are




Copyright © Martin Stannard, 2023
Picture Nick Victor





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