A Fable: The Soviet Priest



Stalin dreamed of being a priest,

hoping with discipline and nerve,

to redeem the world for Jesus Christ,

a realist, he soon saw,

the church aligned with the rich and the corrupt,

saw the job impossible, 

with only faith,

his dreams broken,

he vowed revenge,

searching another way,

hoping to lead a movement to free the peasants,

and the poor,

from their overlords,

the rich and corrupt,

his struggles helped free a nation,

and win a war,

but hated for his success,

by the rich and the corrupt,

not trusted by allies,

they lied about him,

again and again,

until paranoid,

a monster he became,

killing and torture,

only pleasant games,

the same as for the rich and the corrupt,


a Soviet priest,


the living, breathing embodiment of the rich and the corrupt,

yet proclaimed their exact opposite,

down through history,

such is the power,

of the rich and the corrupt.





Doug Polk

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