A Horrid Little Newspaper

A miniature, boiled-down version of the full paper, it’s like the Daily Mail, but distilled to its angry, horny core.
Created by
Me giving out the paper in Liverpool
Me giving out the paper in Liverpool

Pre-order a copy of this miniature fun/fear-sized Daily Mail. The bigoted residue of Britain’s second-best selling newspaper.

My name is Darren Cullen and as part of my residency with RRU News I have been giving this miniature parody of the Daily Mail away on the streets of Liverpool, (the print costs were paid by RRU and the copies were all earmarked for that purpose) but after getting messages from people across the country who want a copy I started this Kickstarter to raise funds for a second, commercial print run.



£4k raised – Four new pages ✔ UNLOCKED ✔

£8k raised – Eight new pages ✔ UNLOCKED ✔

£10k raised – Hand-drawn Daily Mail website with side-bar of shame

£12k raised – Twelve new pages and a mini leaflet-insert

Please share the project online and tell your friends/enemies. A quick link here is minidailymail.co.uk


Page 2
Page 2

This compressed, hand-drawn paper draws attention to the glaring hypocrisies baked into a rag that claims to care about things like moral decency and the sexualisation of children, while also regularly publishing photographs of underage girls in bikinis or low-cut dresses. A paper who’s bread and butter is collecting the kind of ‘wardrobe malfunction’ upskirt and nip-slip photographs of strangers that would land anyone else in jail.

The Daily Mail is the pervert the Daily Mail warned us about.

Page 3
Page 3


This 24 page version of the regular paper inevitably comes with a Princess Diana pull-out, ‘DIANA: THE ENEMY WITHIN’ which details the paper’s historic opposition to any of the issues Diana came to be lauded for. From her work against landmine arms sales to humanising the victims of HIV/AIDs, her relationship with a Muslim migrant to her meeting with the “terrorist” Nelson Mandela; the Mail had terrible things to say about all of it at the time, but now Diana is dead, the paper can safely exploit her memory for cash without having to deal her inconveniently liberal politics.

Diana: The Enemy Within (Pullout)
Diana: The Enemy Within (Pullout)

Containing all the misogynistic, racist, war-and-fear-mongering you’ve come to love and expect from the Daily Mail, this Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to reprint this miniature fun/hate-sized paper so people outside of Liverpool can get their own copy.


Mini Daily Mail 

The paper itself, 24 pages with a 8-page Diana pull out. The page count will be increased if the campaign hits stretch goals, (see above)

Distilled Daily Mail
Distilled Daily Mail

Daily Mail Newspaper Stand

Scale model sculpture, roughly 60cm tall. Comes with 5 copies of the mini Daily Mail.

Risks and challenges

I have finished the newspaper to print standard and done one print run already. There are no real risks that could stop me delivering a new print run of the paper.

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    1. Brave-on! I am an aged resident of the Ark Frestonia (Peace & Blessings on Heathcote) and would-be reader. I would like to offer my services as a voluntary newspaper salesman outside Latimer Road Station. As an ex-vendor of the Herald Tribune on the streets of Paris between 1958 and 1960, I feel qualified to do so.

      This being no time for joking!

      Comment by Cy Lester on 18 October, 2018 at 3:48 pm

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