A – I

Plastic glass of yellow -ish
Whiskey at my nose level
Right thumb between my eyes
Music round the corner
And I’m not really happy
Nor really sad, just waiting
To go elsewhere, face cringed
My mouth does the job.

In the second part, – bridge, most
Important until denouement
I meet an actual fox, eyeing me
From the walkway’s pavement
This should have been brilliant as the final
Event of an unfinished second evening
Near a wall in the castle that read Tolstoy and
Jimmy Bad Dreams shuffled thru the tale.

Like before all you want is
Some, thing/meaning, full
A lesson, growth, sense of freedom
But the band kind of sucks on booze
And the second time is not the first time
This second night is not like the first night
While the fox’s tail – trademark – is
Not the whole thing.

Enter a room with enough people in it
You’re nobody. Room or Mountain Lake
Computers or vehicles. You’re
Nobody better enjoy it. Clash it on solutions
The camera’s rolling void
Walk in the park
Buy the (morning) stuff
Step down underground and take the train.

Destination: same love
Lack and beyond. The fish had appeared
In my dream, tenderly
Right after before
He expressed himself
In a lie…
Humanity is Fragile & arbitrary…
Tickle the dice All the way to the absolutes…



Bogdan Pushlenghea,
Illustration Nick Victor

By Bogdan Puslenghea

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