from The Selected Letters of John Cage


Cage’s thinking was expressing increasingly clear ideas

Cage’s circle of intellectual interests widened

Cage proudly reports Cage’s first literary engagement

Cage’s politically prescient work, Cage’s only known letter, created a second

Cage succeeded on behalf of others, didn’t like telling others what to do

Cage’s mature works did not originate in psychology

Cage’s various musical pursuits came together, Cage performed

Cage suffered two personal losses, created visual art work

Cage at his most cheerful is at his most playful

Cage wrote to people at length, almost always replied

Cage enthusiastically admits to his own inconsistencies

Cage’s work was also changing, Cage was cleaning house

Cage’s intellectual life entered a new phase in academic residence

Cage developed complex rules for world improvement

Cage shared his experiences, provided a few stories for translation

Cage conceived Cage’s interest in mushrooms, also wrote and published

Cage earnestly loved Cage, continued to seek financial assistance

Cage made clear his enormous enthusiasm, was emboldened

Cage performed elsewhere, gave an explosive percussion concert

Cage managed to conduct an exhaustive search, visited Giacometti and Brancusi

Cage enjoyed quiet, was dreading time away from home

Cage’s pursuit of a musical career is mostly mute

Cage set a steady if meandering course over some six decades

Cage’s Diary is a mosaic of escalating unrest and a lot of chess

Cage was beginning to understand Cage had begun to deteriorate

Cage made clear his enormous enthusiasm for turning away





   © Rupert M Loydell



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