A Manifesto For Finding Yourself When The Nights Are Too Long



· Always keep a torch beside your bed, it helps to fend off the ghosts.

· There are times when it’ll feel like you’ve lost your energy, but energy never dies.

· Kill your footsteps, they keep the neighbours awake.

· Don’t scream when a shout will suffice.

· If you need to entertain a conversation with yourself, try to focus the subject matter on something worth talking about, like other people.

· Coffee makes the nights longer.

· Coffee makes the nights easier.

· It’s never worth the effort to break apart if you’re only going to use a dustpan and brush to pick yourself back up.

· Read. Read lots. Read aloud.

· You are at your most influential when nobody else is around, use it to change your ways.

· Give a part of yourself to everybody who asks. You won’t need your soul anyway.

· Forget the most horrific things.

· Blur the memories.

· Your life is worth more than a trip to the bathroom at three am.



Aaron Kent

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